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Shadow Fight 3 Mod introduction

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk all characters - collage.

If you are finding an exciting game which has the legendary heroes then this game is the best choice for you. Shadow Fight 3 Mod is one of the most popular action one on one fighting game apps. With this game the gamers will get to enjoy the amazing role playing gameplay and epic storyline.

This game is specially designed for the gamers who love to play the fast paced action fighting games and role playing games. In this game the players are fighting with the legendary warriors; and they all are masters in three fighting categories. Each warrior has its own weapons and deadly equipment with which they will fight. The players have to choose their own avatar in order to fight.

And the players have to be careful about choosing their avatar; because every character has its own fighting technique and powerful attacks. The fights are displayed in 3D and the players will love the animation effects. The players can practice their moves and attacks before going into the real battles. The storyline of Shadow Fight 3 Mod is very interesting; and the players have to defeat all the warriors to destroy the evil. 


Main features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod

Amazing 3D fights

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk - exciting 3D fights.

In this game the players will just love the 3D fights that are displayed with unique visual effects in this game. The intensity of fights in this game are very high and are very fast. So in order to win them the players have to make different strategies. They have to practise the different styles and levels of fighting technique; which can cause the high damage in just one hit. The visual effects in this game are displayed very beautifully; when the players perform their powerful moves and special attacks. 


Unique shadow powers

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk - light swords

In this game between the fights the players can perform the unique shadow powers which are very deadly. The players can use these powers only a few times in a fight; and they have to maintain the timing of the attacks to use them at the right time. Each avatar has its own unique shadow power which can finish the opponents in a single blow. No one defends themselves from these powers; and the winning is sure if the users master this power perfectly. 


Create legendary hero and weapon

gameview on homescreen

With the available items or the equipment in this game the players craft their own powerful weapons. They can make the deadly tools for their avatar by making him attack weapons, defensive tools. They craft swords, bow and arrows, strong armors and many more items. And that’s not only the end, players can even customize their own avatars by the help of different skins, outfits and weapons. 


Huge world to explore

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk - player 1 vs player 2 characters

In this game there is a huge world to explore for the players and they can start their journey in search of power and rare artifacts. The players in their journey have to fight with different dangerous enemies; to prove their strength and to defeat the evil. In each location they travel the enemies will keep getting stronger than before. They have to be careful in their journey because of the unknown threats. 


Unique features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod

Shadow Fight 2 mod apk - soul view

Shadow fight 3 game has many unique features with stunning graphics and high quality animated fights. In this game not only the graphics are perfect and amazing but the sound effects are also awesome. And if the gamers use the earphones for the output then the sound effects can be enhanced more. The characters in this game are designed with very detailed high quality animated effects.

And each character is designed perfectly according to the outfits of knights, samurai’s and many more legendary warriors. The players will enjoy very much in completing the legendary story of this game. The battle maps and the terrain is also built with very realistic graphics and have different climates and locations like forest, desert, old Japanese style houses and many more.

The levels in Shadow Fight 3 Mod are very challenging and the fights will keep getting difficult and fast as the players will proceed further. The game is very advanced and heavy in size so the gamers with high specs phones can enjoy the full capacity of its graphic performance. This game has smooth and easy controls with customizable features. And with all these features this Shadow Fight 3 Mod is free to download and play. 

Whats Modded?

You get unlimited Money and Souls!


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