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Don’t you feel bored of seeing the same home screen every day? Some of you even use smartphones without even changing the wallpapers. So, for this reason, we have a special suggestion for you called ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets. Read all its features in this article.

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enjoy more then 5000 app icons to customize.

ScreenKit apk is a powerful home screen customization app designed for android devices. This app is intended for users who want to customize the look of their home screens. Many users keep getting bored seeing the same type of wallpapers, icons, and themes on their smartphones. But we understand that finding new wallpapers and music every day is a lengthy task that requires a lot of time. So, for this problem, the best solution is the ScreenKit app. This app is a handy home screen customization toolkit that provides:

  • Hundreds of thousands of icons.
  • Hundreds of wallpapers.
  • Lots of themes to customize your home screen every day.

Use your creative skills and make awesome theme combinations every day and make your home screen attractive to the eye. According to your mood, use different combinations of themes, icons, and wallpapers each day. Plus, the advantage of widgets will give an upper hand to access the apps faster. These widgets perform various functions like clock, calendar, motivation notes, battery indication, and many more. Change the multiple number icons in one tap. Use different icons daily according to the mood and wallpaper you use. Wallpapers are designed by lots of talented artists around the world, and they have created numerous masterpieces which are very attractive and eye-catching.

Main features

try easy to use widgets to access the features with shortcuts with screenkit mod apk.

Amazing Themes

This app has amazing themes that you will love to display on your home screen. These themes are designed with colorful and cool animations that make your phone’s work awesome. Specially iphone and iPad themes of this app help make android work like iPhone. The theme collection is huge, and there are multiple themes for every person’s mood and taste with this app. Animations quality is also very high, and each piece has different types of animations to display.

Hundreds of HD Wallpapers

This app has thousands of aesthetic wallpapers for you to plan one wallpaper for each day. These wallpapers are very beautiful and cool at the same time, belonging to famous artists worldwide. Have fun using them to match your theme and icons. Each wallpaper is handcrafted by talented artists from all over the world. Search them category-wise and even search for the particular one with their names.

Thousands of app icons

There are thousands of app icons; use them to customize your system apps and downloaded apps. These icons are designed with high-quality animated effects. You can customize every application with one click. Use the easy icon installer of this app to customize your icons easily. It helps you with the convenient features and uses it to show your creative skills.

Collection of Widgets

Widgets in this app will make your phone’s functioning more convenient. Use different types of devices to access different types of apps. There are battery indicators, various clocks, calendars, weather widgets, and many more. All of them have the function to make your work easy. Access them quickly with this app and edit the list of active devices; turn them on & off with a simple click.

Why use screen kit apk?

enjoy the themes design on animes.

There are many ways and reasons to use this app to customize your android home screen. Make your normal and boring home screen more visible by editing it with some beautiful themes and wallpapers. This app has 5000+ aesthetic icons, 500+ iphone and iPad themes, 500+ widgets, and thousands of wallpapers, and you can use all of them for free to customize your phone. Make a few themes and wallpapers with icons and customize your home screen to make it more charming.

Wallpapers in this app are very beautiful with high-quality animations. Use one easy-click installer of this app to change the app icons in one go. Change the background colors of the wallpapers as you like. This way, you can use wallpapers for multiple purposes. Widgets will make your work more easily, and all the functions will be available at your fingertips. Use screenshot iPad and screenshot shortcut to see amazing feature work.

Other Information

screenkit android application 5

Unique features

  • Use the custom app icon maker to create what you like.
  • 500+ photo widgets to use to make your home screen colorful
  • Don’t use shortcuts to change your app icons
  • Free app icon kit for the users to use and customize icons.


Is Screenkit free?

Yes, download this app from this site and get all the features for free.

Is screenkit safe?

Yes, screenkit is completely a legitimate and official app to use.

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