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Score Hero 2 Mod Apk Introduction

Score! Hero 2 is one of the elite 3D soccer game apps with lots of fun and exciting tournaments. With this game, the players will get to enjoy the amazing real soccer adventure on their mobile devices. Score Hero Mod Apk is for the players who love to play soccer and for those who love to play sports games on mobile.

In this game, the players can feel the real experience of playing soccer with real physics without going into the field. This game follows real soccer physics and the players can perform real soccer moves like shooting, passing, dribbling, jumping, and many more trick shots.

  • The players in Score Hero 2 Mod Apk can perform different types of trick shots and power shots just like the international soccer team players.
  • By winning many matches the players can win many trophies and awards.
  • In this game, the soccer players not only fight to win the matches but they also fight for the titles of different achievements like players with the most goals.
  • The players can control their whole team to play with coordination.
  • And the players have to use the skills of every player perfectly to win the different tournaments.


Main features 

HD graphics and sound quality

win a star by making a goal in field

Score! hero 2 has the best 3D graphics which rivals the console-level graphics with the mobile-level designs. The graphics quality of this game is very amazing and the players can also customize the graphics setting according to their comfort.

The player controls the brightness and contrast levels with the default resolution of the game. And not only the graphics but the sound quality of this game is very awesome and the players can also use the earphones to enhance the sound effects. 


Hundreds of levels and fun 

be a match fit in score hero and play mets vs reims

This game has hundreds of challenging levels in this game for the players to enjoy an exciting game. With each level, the intensity and speed of the gameplay increase for the players to improve their skill levels.

The players can create unique strategies with different ways of playing the matches to win the levels. The players never get bored of this addictive game because of its series of multiple tough levels. That’s not the limit of this game and even more, levels are added in this game with each update it gets.


Amazing characters and customizations

select your red hero and march towards glory in score hero mod apk

This game has awesomely designed characters with detailed animation effects. The characters in this game are created just like the international soccer players and the game developers have created them with every detail like outfits, skins color, hairstyle, and equipment.

The players can customize their characters with amazing customization features like the different outfits, soccer guards, shoes, skins, and hairstyles. The players can even change the beards of the players with cool designs. 


Score Hero has Excellent soccer moves

play as neymar jr in balck and defend in white as goalkeeper and protect the ball from net

In this game, the players can perform different types of professional soccer moves. The players can dribble like a pro, they can perform many types of trick shots like curve kicks, passing, and jumping to distract the other player. The players can perform the bend shots with edge curves to shoot the ball into the goal. This game is easy to play but all the moves are very hard to master. 


Unique features of Score Hero Mod Apk

Score Hero 2 Mod Apk has many unique features with stunning graphics and high-quality animated effects. All the characters and the whole stadium in this game are created with realistic graphics. There are 800+ levels in this game and more are coming soon with the latest update.

  • The levels are very challenging and the players can create different strategies to win them.
  • This game works on the advanced AI by which this game adapts the players playing techniques; so that it can counter them and make the gameplay more exciting.
  • There are many types of soccer matches in different events and the main events are the world cup and tournaments.
  • There are also regular and daily events in which the players can improve their skills and win many trophies.
  • The players can connect Score Hero 2 Mod Apk; and their all the achievements on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • All the achievements of the players can be saved on the cloud storage system.
  • The players can install this game on any device with all the saved data.

Mod Feature

Currency in the game automatically increases when you spend them.


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