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Want to play some simple games just to chill your mind? We have found a simple game that gives you peace of mind in doing simple but exciting tasks. Play sand balls, a simple game where you have to catch all the sand balls in your cart with simple movements. Read more about the game from the article below and download it using the download button.

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About Sand balls mod

puzzle in balls made of sands

It’s a just-for-fun game that helps you get relax from your hectic daily schedule. Play it to refresh your mind from simple movements. Winning will give peace of mind and happiness. Though it is a simple game but needs to make strategies to solve puzzles. Every stage is a puzzle that you have to understand to win that level. There are different trucks which you can win and collect. Use them to collect all the sand balls in each level and transfer them to the beautiful islands.

The sand balls of different vibrant colors like blue, red, yellow, green, and more. Collect these different colored balls and use them to construct infrastructure and develop your island. This needs logical thinking and problem-solving skills to become the master of the game. The graphics of the game is a simple 3D interface that looks very elegant while playing. Controls are simple. Just use your fingers to put a hole in the interface which will move your balls to the desired locations.

There are white balls and rotating platforms in the game which you have to keep in mind while making strategies and plans. White balls can be used to join and increase your balls. And rotating platforms are a type of hurdles in the game. It’s a free game that you can find online very easily. It comes with some ads also.


tricky levels to clear

  • Graphics: The graphics of the game is quite simple. It gives a 3D look to the game. it also makes the game of small size which is easy to install and operate. The interface looks colorful and elegant. The controls are simple with touch movements. Ads may be frustrating sometimes.
  • Addictive: The game is quite addictive. It’s a simple game with no hard-hitting problems. The problems are simple to solve but give a boost of happiness when cleared. This is very helpful in releasing stress in a hectic day schedule. The simple and exciting gameplay makes it quite addictive.
  • Rewards: The game gives multiple rewards on completing the levels and clearing stages. The rewards are also while completing a puzzle and after the completion of every level. The white balls in the game are a reward also. They choose their color once coming to the contact of your balls and change their colors accordingly. This increases the number of balls you collect at the end of the puzzle.
  • Missions: There are different levels that provide much excitement to the game. Apart from puzzles it also provides parallel missions and objectives like repairing buildings and developing the islands.

Other Information

holes in sand to move the balls


  • The game is free to play. It’s simple and funny. The logical reasoning gives simple challenges which on completion gives the dopamine boosts
  • The game is simple in the beginning but keeps on getting challenging as the level progresses.
  • Regular updates are provided to keep on increasing and adding new features and challenges to the game.
  • The game is simple and looks elegant. It is quite addictive and best for passing some time solving some puzzles.


  • The app is free but it keeps pushing for payment in the app for further premium features.
  • The amount of ads that keep on coming is very frustrating.
  • Some of the puzzles in the game are quite impossible to solve. Many users left the game in those levels because of their hardness.
  • Many times on updating past progress gets deleted unknowingly and the game started to show lags in between.

Important links

  • Read more about the game from the following link on the google play store. You can read the user’s review of the game and can also download it directly from there.
  • Watch the following YouTube video to get the idea of the game:

There are multiple videos on YouTube which you can browse to get some help if got stuck on any level.


collect all cars in sand balls mod apk

Who are the developers of the game?

The developers of the game are say games ltd. They are popular smartphone game developers. There are several games which you can play like race master 3D, merge animals 3d, and many more like these.

How to get the game?

You can download the game from the link of google play store given above. You can also download it from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button at the end of the article.

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