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Are you planning to build your house or business space and want to design it according to your need and requirements? Then we have a perfect app for all your need. Use the Room Planner app on your smartphone and design the interior of your house or business plan. The “Room Planner: Home Interior 3D” gives you all the independence and ability to create according to you. This app can be handy for you.

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About Room Planner App

make the design and share with your freinds.

Room Planner is handy for you if you are thinking of planning the interior of your place. If you have ample space and want to design it perfectly and more modern, you can use this app. Organizing things in this app is very easy and quick. You can put and see all the possibilities according to your requirement and the space available through this app. It will make it easier thinking the best interior design for your smartphone only.

Design by measuring the correct measurement of your space. Design for your place or use it just like a game if you buy a residence in the future. You will get the best room design features in just a few minutes. You can access all the possibilities you can use. It provides more than a thousand furniture designs and templates that you can use and buy after designing the perfect designs. Don’t worry if you are not a designer. Using this app is so simple that any amateur can create it by learning some essential functions.

You can export custom wallpapers and floor plans from the internet and the local files of your device. It is handy if you want to customize the planning according to you. If you like some design from your local market or the internet, you can take a photo of it and use it to design your room through this app. Design your living and office space and share this with your friends.

Features of the Latest Version

design in 2d and 3d.


The interface of the app is straightforward to use. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to work on this app. Any amateur can learn using the app in just a few minutes. You can use it to plan your room or business space or just as a game to learn different aspects of designing.


It has all the tools a designing app requires to allow its users to design their dream home successfully—the furniture arrangement tools design all types of furniture in the template form. You can choose among thousands of templates to fill the space in your rooms. You can select photos from the internet or your local files to import into the app.

Floor planning

Now, design rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and every nuke and corner of your place. You can also plan the electrical wirings and switches. You have the total independence to choose every bit of your place.

Design in 3D

The app works in 3D to move your place and look from every corner and angle to find the best look from a different location. After being decorated, you can switch the view between 3D and 2D. View your floor planning in 2D and furniture and other designs in 3D.

Pros and cons

thousands of furniture template in room planner app to work on it.


  • Allow working in 3D and 2D.
  • The app works offline. So, you don’t require to have fast internet to work on it.
  • Download and import templates and designs from the internet or your local files.
  • More than a thousand pieces of furniture are available on the app. Use them to choose the best furniture suited for your place.


  • The app is not free. Though several features are free, you have to take the membership of the app to use the overall design.
  • It is hard to add more room and add outside areas.
  • Sometimes placing the things and sizing them as per your need gives you a hard time.

Other information

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Free room planner for pc?

You can use the room planner application on your pc. For that, visit the link given above and follow the steps.

How to get the app?

Get the room planner application from the google play store or follow the steps given above.
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