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Rider mod apk is another action-packed bike racing game for you. Suppose you are getting bored of playing the normal racing game. Then this amazing masterpiece can boost your energy levels. Please read this article to know all its features.

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Ketchapp Studios is back with another unique, engaging, and quite a simple arcade game for you to stick to for hours whenever you want. The game is not hard to understand but hard to master. The only thing you have to do is tap on the right side of the screen and hold it. Do flips, accelerate, jump and earn rewards for every stunt you perform. In your way, you face challenging obstacles that require your hand of expertise to overcome. Fault ramps, bridges, pitfalls, loops, and much more.

Unlike other realistic games, this is pretty simple with nothing but a neon bike with no rider running on the screen, but while playing, you will feel good, frustrated at times, angry and happy when you beat your records. If you fall, crash, or perform an improper flip and land upside down, it’s game over. As mentioned earlier, Ketchapp studios are famous for such games, and they certainly keep you busy.

Main Features

Enjoy making huge jump in this game.

2-Step Gameplay

It’s 2-Step gameplay; all you have to do is tap on the start option on the screen and then tap on the screen again and hold to keep your neon bike running. In your way, you find gems spread all over the map that you can collect or receive as per how far you reach on the level and use them to buy new skins, vehicles, themes. Gems can also be earned by doing challenges like doing several flips or collecting a certain number of coins in one run.

Graphics and Audio

The graphic interface of the game is quite simple and clear and consists of only neon lines with bright colors. It’s not really complex or demanding, but it suits the game quite handsomely and makes the experience fun. Also, the color of your vehicle and roads change every time you play. All the vehicle skins you collect are different looking and unique, so you remain motivated to purchase and own them all.
The background Sound of this game mostly consists of techno-audio tracks that suit the GameplayGameplay well. Also, additional sound effects are added for some situations like collecting gems, pressing buttons, or crashing.

In-Game features

Perform amazing stunts like flipping in Rider mod apk.

  • Complete 100 exciting, unique challenges in the game, earn yourself many gems, and spend them on various things available in the shop.
  • Buy 40 different awesome bikes, each with its different look, and try them out in the game.
  • Turn-On random bike option in the menu to randomly select a different bike each time you start.
    Login and play daily to receive rewards and unlock all 32 levels and ten different themes.
  • Change theme each time to make your GameplayGameplay more exciting and engaging.
  • Track your game record in the trophy section to determine your success rate in the number of bikes you have collected.
  • Levels you have completed, stars you have earned, and challenges you have completed.
  • You can also buy gems with real money or 100 gems for free by watching an ad video.
  • You also get to win a new skin every time a random skin option pops up and a roulette roll that awards you with a common, rare, or epic skin.
  • Do an insane number of flips and stunts, receive rewards and compare your score worldwide with other players.

Honest Opinions

You will love the tricky tracks of this game.

  • Although the game is quite simple and fun mostly, sometimes it can be quite frustrating.
  • If you play continuously for hours, you may get bored.
  • Having 2-Touch GameplayGameplay is simple and advantageous. But it may also be a down point as it makes the bike hard to control and do flips as you desire; now, it may be to make the game hard, but this is just an honest opinion.
  • Sometimes, you may want to accelerate only, but as you hold, it may try to do a flip, and you may crash.
  • But, if you get bored, the games have challenges that give you a break from only focusing on going as far as possible and encourage you to earn gems.
  • Like many other arcade games, this also contains In-App purchases, including the No-Ads version that you have to buy to remove ads.
  • But if you don’t want to spend money removing ads, you may have a hard time through the game with regular ads.
  • On the other hand, you can buy the No-Ad version for just $2.
  • Including all the fun parts and non-fun parts, it’s a good arcade game by Ketchapp studios that you should try if you are a fan of arcade games; even if you are not.
  • This game is also good for killing some time and letting your mind relax from all the stress in your real life.

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