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Whether you go to the gym, study for your exam, or travel to your office. A good music player is your best companion all the time. We found the perfect music player. Retro music player apk is one of the highest-rated music players in the google play store. Read the following article to know more about the retro music player and download the application by clicking the download button on this page.

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About Retro Music Player App

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There are tons of online music player which you can find which allows you to download and stream online music. Retro Music Player MP3 Player is a bit different. It is an offline music player which helps you keep track and access your music on your smartphone while giving you all the features all these music player provides.

Customize your interface which will be developed according to your song genre types. It’s an offline music player so you have to keep your favorite song downloaded to your device. This app will segregate and keep your songs sorted according to their genre, playlist you made for specific purposes. Gives you tons of features to give the best music experience and not let you distract from the music in between ads.

Retro music player helps you keep your lots of music files in a sorted arranged way. Listen to songs related to a particular artist, album, or genre. The self-explanatory UI is very easy to access the application features. It’s an offline application so you don’t have to listen to those irritating ads between your favorite playlist. Other features like sleep timer and quality control settings come quite handy with the application. It recommends songs and makes an automatic playlist from your most played songs and recently played tracks and keeps on evolving according to the user’s music requirements.


Features of Retro Apk

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Awesome UI – Its UI is so interesting and unique. You can select among a lot of theme options that can be customized according to your song selection. The self-explanatory UI is very easy to access and lets you browse through your files very easily and conveniently. It will provide you with self-recommendations and make you a different playlist that you can listen to according to your need.

On-screen customization – Add album covers to your favorite songs. Download and add lyrics to your songs by adjusting them however you want. Make your song collection a professional music list. Many useful playback options to listen to whatever time of track you want. Make ringtones out of your favorite tunes in the songs and use them as your smartphone’s ringtone.

Languages – It supports more than 30 languages. Whether you want the whole interface in your language or make a playlist and arrange songs according to its language. You only need to make it happen through the settings in some simple steps.

Free application – There are many applications to browse and stream online music which gives you these many customized options through the internet connection. Retro music player don’t need an internet connection to do all that. Its AI is smart enough to do all of its own. It also gives you an escape from all those irritating mood killer ads between your songs.

Colorful themes – This not only allows you to customize your themes. But gives you options of themes like white, dark, and just dark for your AMOLED display according to your smartphone’s display. It also gives you an awesome widget option on your home screen or your lock screen. You can control its features from the settings in the application.


The good and the bad

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  • New and regular updates will keep your pack with new awesome features and never let you get bored.
  • Fun and free application which also free of ads
  • Supports about 30 languages
  • Recommendation according to your music taste. Personalized UI just like your user profile
  • Smart playlist makes an automatic playlist with your most played or recently played songs accordingly.
  • Useful playback settings in the lock screen and other settings like sleep timer or song fade etc.


  • Some recent updates deleted some of the user’s playlists.
  • Buggy sometimes and shutters rapidly.
  • Doesn’t provide gapless playback
  • Doesn’t allow online music streaming or downloading facilities.


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FAQs about Retro music player

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Who are the developers?

Retro music player is developed by independent application developer Hemanth Sevarala and his team.

What are the alternatives?

There are tons of offline and online music players which you can find on the google play store. Some of them are –

  • Blackplayer
  • Wynk music
  • Spotify
  • Resso

How to download the application?

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You can download the application on your smartphone from the google play store or from its official website whose links are given above. Or you can download it from our website (safe and secure) by clicking on the download button.

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