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Have you ever wondered about owning luxurious resorts? If you ever thought about it even once and want it to be true, then the Resortopia apk game is the best choice for you. Read all its features in this article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Resortopia Game

by winning the different levels you can unlock new scenarios.

Resortopia apk is a fun resort managing simulation game. Create your own dream resort with beautiful design and luxurious facilities. If you ever wondered about owning a luxurious resort then this game can fulfill your dream. This game will help you to get a priceless experience of owning and managing a resort business. Build your own beautiful resort in a hilly area and be the richest resort owner. Your town’s name is udon, there is an old resort which needs to be renovated. As a new resort manager, your job is to renovate this resort and help the people of udon to run it. Use your creativity and imagination skills to redesign the looks of your resort from both inside and out.

There are lots of challenging tasks as a resort for you to compete and win. By winning these challenging tasks you will earn daily rewards. Have fun managing your staff that works day and night to take care of your resort. You can also recruit new staff to increase the performance of your resort. Design your resort with luxurious facilities like Japanese-style hot springs, European-style baroque rooms,s and much more. Deal with guests and complete your mission to satisfy their needs. Download Resortopia Apk from this site to get money and features.

Main features

renovate the resort rooms in resortopia mod apk of this game using creative skills

Play Resort Manager

By playing Resortopia, you will get a unique experience to manage a luxurious resort of your own. You will be the manager of this resort by profession in this game. This game will be the best professional experience for you. Manage the staff so that the needs of your guests will be fulfilled in time. Play your duty towards the resort and welcome all the guests with positive energy.

Design and renovate

The old resort of Udon in this game needs to be renovated, so the colorful nights return again in this small town. Renovate the resort with excellent interior choices like European style baroque Japanese style hot spring and much more. Make beautiful rooms, decorate them with sparkling paint jobs, and also put up comfortable furniture. Also, find new and hidden areas of your resort, use these areas to create new game zones or fun areas.

Fun NPCs

In Resortopia, you will find cute and lovely NPC characters in your resort. These characters are all the managing staff of your resort. They help you manage the small and big activities in your resort. These characters are dressed up in beautiful dresses and have unique hairstyles. NPCs all look like cute animals, each character has its own duty in the resort. They are in the cleaning team, some are chefs and some are desk jobs.

Handle guests

Your everyday mission in this game is to handle the daily guests and have fun fulfilling their needs. Every guest in this game will have their own special needs. You and your staff will help all the guests and prepare to handle their daily needs. These guests are all designed like cute animals and dressed up with unique outfits. New guests will come daily to your resort and have fun.

Why play Resortopia apk?

meet different types of cute npcs in this game.

You can play this game as many times as you want and you will never get bored at all. Resortopia is an amazing resort management simulation game. Have fun playing this game in which you can manage a luxurious resort. Manage all the activities and staff of your resort, help the resort to function properly. Your first goal will be to handle all the requests of your guests. Fulfill their needs in time and let them have fun. There are lots of NPC characters in this game that will help you to manage the resort. They are in the cleaning team, chefs team, and other management teams.

Manage these staff members so that everything works smoothly. There are lots of challenging missions and tasks you can complete in this game to win rich rewards. Guests are designed very realistic in the game, they look like cute animal characters. There are also new areas in your resort and new guests that you can unlock. You will not need Resortopia cheat codes if you download this game from this site.

Unique features

  • Stunning animations and awesome sound effects to enjoy.
  • Unlock new scenarios with each level you win.
  • New resort rooms are introduced every time you play and win.
  • You can collect different types of postcards

FAQs about Resortopia Apk

you can unlock new special guests and have fun playing.

How to increase popularity in resortopia?

Follow this guide to learn how to increase in-game popularity.

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