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Racing games have been one of the most popular genres in the gaming world since games came into existence. We all love to play racing games. They have competition, and you can play it anytime without thinking about the storyline. If you are searching for a good racing game, we have found a perfect one. Play real racing 3 apk, a decisive racing game with lots of playing options.

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Collection of more than 100 real cars.

If you love the racing game, then you must play the real racing game. It is one of the best racing games available on a smartphone. The graphics and gameplay are simply fantastic. There are plenty of playing options you can get in the game. The number of different cars and their types is enormous. You can play using the vehicle your fantasies. EA sports develop the game. So, the level of graphics the game has is just excellent. It gives some of the best racing experiences that you can get on a smartphone.

The graphics are 3D, and playing options are a lot. You can play offline by downloading the game assets or can also play multiplayer among the real players on-real time. Apart from the graphics, the sound in the game is also great. You will experience all the sounds one hears while racing a sports car. There are different types of races you can play. There are sports cars, F1 cars and electric formula one cars. These cars are just awesome and provide a great racing experience.

Features of the Real Racing 3 Apk


Change the camera angel to better experience.

The gameplay of the game is fantastic. The graphics are 3D and the most premium you can get in a smartphone game. There are other racing games like asphalt, but it has many drawbacks that you will not find in real racing 3. The real racing game has no extra unnecessary effects that ruin the experience. The game is simple as real racing 3 apk should be.

A lot of cars

There are lots of cars in the game. There are lots of vehicles for different racing types. You can race NASCAR, f1 or f1 electric cars. With various cars, you can race on different racing tracks designed just for these cars to race. Race against the others to win more cars. You can buy new vehicles and make a fantastic collection of cars in your garage.


The game’s controls are simple, just like any other racing game. You can change the controls and camera angle according to your requirements. You can control your cars by buttons on the side or by using your phone’s gyroscope. Control buttons are transparent and don’t occupy much space on the game’s screen. You can change the camera angle to get a new racing experience.

Many modes

Nascar and f1 racing modes.

There are different types of modes in the game. If you want to play the career mode, then you can download the race assets and get new courses to race upon. You will get new rewards that you can use to buy new cars and upgrade them afterward. There is also an online multiplayer mode in which you can race against real players worldwide.

Pros and cons


  • The graphics and animations in the game are fantastic. There are no unnecessary effects that ruin the gaming experience.
  • There are lots of cars in the game. Original simulated cars of popular brands like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others exist.
  • You can play the multiplayer modes against real-time players from across the world.
  • You can also change the camera angle while racing in the game. These different camera angles provide a new racing experience.


  • You will require a vast amount of coins to do anything in the game. Getting coins in the game is very hard.
  • To unlock the races, you will be required to win gold in every available race.
  • For playing the multiplayer game, your internet connection must be reasonable; otherwise, reaction time while racing affects the race.

Other information

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What are other popular car racing games available for smartphones?

There are many different racing games available. Some are f1 racing, Nascar heat mobile, mini drivers and more.

How to get the app?

You can get the latest version of the game from the google play store or download it from this site by following the steps above.

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