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Are you having volume issues in your old smartphone and place it near your ear every time you need to listen to anything? We have found the solution to your problem. Use the “Raise High Volume” application to increase your device’s volume to 100% capacity of your device. To know more about the app, read the following article and download it by clicking the download button at the end of the article.

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use sliders to set audio boost output level.

Raise high volume- booster application is a small application you can find in the google play store or any other applications website. It can be the solution to the volume problem of your device. It often happened, especially to the old devices, that its speakers stopped giving proper voice output. You don’t receive notification sounds or ringtones. You needed to keep the phone near your ear to listen to the audio of any video on social media. Use raise high-volume app to increase the device’s volume to its full capacity.

You don’t need to provide additional permissions to operate the app, and it is a free-to-use application with no privacy issues.


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  1. Volume boost: Use up to 100% of the speaker’s capacity of your device. Many times due to software issues, speakers lost their capacities. Rise high volume will boost the volume capacity and improve your audio capabilities.
  2. Free app: Raise High Volume is a free application found on the google play store. There are some ads in the app, but they are limited and don’t hinder your experience.
  3. Small size: It is of small size that will not eat up your RAM and put up extra pressure on the processors of your device. It keeps running in the background without any privacy issues or battery-draining processes.
  4. Interface: The interface of Raise High Volume is very simple. All the features are effortless to understand and operate—no complex steps to confuse the users.

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  • Use the full capacity of the device without any extra hardware repair expenses.
  • Improves the movie watching or song listening experience.
  • Few ads which doesn’t interfere while operating the app.
  • The small size of Raise High Volume runs without lagging.


  • It can’t work if your device’s audio output hardware is broken
  • A tiny bit of crackling can occur when raised to 100% in some devices.
  • Doesn’t have separate boost control for earphones and speakers.
  • Vibrates sometimes when giving out the audio, which can be frustrating.

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Who are the developers?

The developers of Raise High Volume are Gogone. They develop apps for android devices to solve multiple working problems and enhance the experience of its users. Some of their other apps are whatscropping, all phone info, etc.

How to download the app?

Download the app by visiting the google play store link of the app given above or download it directly from our website by clicking the download button.

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