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Are you finding a way to scan products to get their information? If yes, then we have the finest solution for you that is called QR Code Reader. Read this article to know its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About QR Code Reader

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A multifunctionality QR code reader with inbuilt AI to detect either a product QR code or a personal information QR code. This app can detect it all, offered by BACHA soft, this app was launched in May 2018 and has ten thousand plus downloads despite being pricey. It is listed on the play store with a 4.5 rating from nearly two thousand users. This app can scan barcodes, This scanner can also scan URLs and provide you the link of the websites. The most significant feature of this app is that it does not need any internet connection to work. There might be a problem when this app is scanning a URL but other than that, it is good to go.

QR Code Reader would require the permission grant for the camera, which seems obvious, other than that if you want to make a contact QR code, you might have to permit it to access contacts.

It can also save information from a prior basis, i.e if you have used the app to scan something before, this app saves changes in the recorded history which can be displayed date- wise, the next time you open the app. You can even star the important scans to find them and sort them quickly.

After saving the QR code you can share them with your family and friends as you’d prefer. This app has an individual section for the last time records too. You can even scan your contacts through this app. You can use the contact to copy the content, add content, open a map, or even place a call from the information provided. This app is very customizable and provides numerous setting changes such as vibrate and sound.

Important Information

see the history of qr scanning in qr code reader pro mod apk.

You can even create a new QR code for personal information, wifi and phone numbers. You can create QR codes and then convert them into messages too, then you can send them to your friends or relatives in encrypted form. This app is available on the play store. This app had a free version sometime before, that too in-app purchase. But now this app has to be purchased from the play store for about INR 330. This app is very fast in terms of scanning code. Just put your phone camera in front of the code and this app will scan in within a second or even less than that. It does not need to know which QR code is being scanned, thanks to the developer this app can identify the type of code in front of it, and provide results faster.

The graphical interface of QR Code Reader is pleasant and easy to use. The app itself contains a how-to-use document to make users go through its features although due to its simple configuration anyone can use it without even going through the document.

Features of QR Code Reader

customize or change the contact information in this app.

Reliability of the app

As you may have known that some governments decided to ban many Chinese apps over the past few years, this app does not cover that list as the app is developed by BACHA soft Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based company. This company is famous for making software-related apps. This company also provides outsourcing services and develops gaming apps. So we don’t have to worry about the reliability of the app.

How to download

This lightweight app is incredibly easy to download, just follow the steps mentioned on the website. Being a light app, QR Code Reader does not overload your memory or resources of the phone and this app does not require any updates after installation.

Customer reviews

barcode scanner scanning the product's qr code perfectly.

  • Some people might like to call it the best app out there so far.
  • They claim that QR Code Reader can create QR codes for absolutely anything. Like location, text, event, wifi, telephone, and web URLs.
  • Another customer just bought the paid version of this software to support the creator of the app. Because the free version was too good for him.
  • He claimed that the free version was too good and it was just worthwhile to pay. And see what the paid version could do.
  • People also say that QR Code Reader is free from ads. Although people do deserve it too because of the hefty price they pay to purchase this app.
  • people suggested that they were having a bit of difficulty in making location QR codes. As the maps do not pop up at the bottom.
  • Some people raised queries and asked the company to refund their purchase money. As the app was not able to run on their device.
  • They seem to have a problem generating the QR code and pleaded for help.
  • Which might be conflicting with the app. Simply the users might have an old phone with an android version unsupportive of the app.
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