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Pull the Pin is one of the most amazing casual fun puzzle games with many amazing stages. In this game, the players can enjoy and solve tricky and fun puzzles anywhere. This game will be especially loved by people who enjoy playing casual and light mood puzzle games.

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complete levels in time to win the game.

Pull the Pin is a very popular game and already has 50 million+ of downloads all over the world. With this game, the players will get a unique experience of playing a unique puzzle game unlike other common games out there. The puzzles in this game are, balls are stored in a container which is inserted with pins and the player has to safely remove the pins so that the balls fall in the jar placed below the container.

The levels also involve bombs placed inside the container which on exploding scatter the balls, so the player must remove the pins carefully so that the balls don’t get blown out of the jar. The puzzles in this Pull the Pin game are a lot of fun and the players will not only enjoy and find it interesting but it will also improve their problem-solving skills and coordination skills. Whenever you may be unable to solve the level, you can use the hint that is available at the bottom of the screen which can be used by watching an ad or you can skip the level by watching an ad.

Features of Pull the Pin Apk

the puzzles of this game is completely satisfying.

 Levels to play

Pull the Pin Apk has hundreds of challenging levels that players can never get used to. Players get to play with different methods each time with so many levels to go through. Each level has a different solving pattern which the players will never be able to memorize.

This game is addictive and to top it all off there are more picture puzzles to solve each time you earn a missing piece by clearing a level.

Lucky draw and Skins

In this game, Players get a free lucky draw from a gumball machine to get amazing rewards. Players can use the lucky draw again by using coins to test out their luck. Apart from the gumball lucky draw, the game has lots of skins for everything. You can choose the best skin for the balls be it emoji face, football skin, Lego skin or popcorn skin, and many others.  You can also choose through a variety of different themes for the background according to your mood like the beach theme, asteroid theme, hot air balloon theme, etc. For the Pins also many different skins are available like wiper skin, fork skin, key skin, ring skin, knife skin, and many others. And last but not least you can also choose among six different trail skins which give amazing visual effects for the balls.

Special levels, maps, and puzzles

Unlike many puzzle games out there, in this game, you get special levels to earn many more coins at once. All you have to do is open the special level from the top window and unlock Special levels using a few coins. But the special thing about them is also that they have only limited moves so if you fail to pure the balls in the jar in that limited moves you lose the money or have to watch an ad to replay that level, but if you do win you earn 300, 400, 600 or even more coins at once which then you can further use to unlock or upgrade other things in the game.

This game also contains a unique map in which you can build houses. Upgrade them using coins and unlock even more towns as you progress through the levels. You can either upgrade a house or increase its area by watching an ad.

As you progress through the game and solve more and more levels you receive missing parts through them. These missing parts are solving pieces of picture puzzles that can be completed to get more and more rewards. There are 5 picture puzzles to solve as of the last update. Events are also available to have fun and collect parts of puzzles to win.

Unique Features of Pull the Pin Apk

lots of traps and obstacles to avoid in pull the pin mod apk. challenging levels makes this game fun.

  • Today most Puzzle games are boring and have the same gameplay.
  • But in Pull the Pin you get to experience unique different types of puzzles under one shed.
  • You can skip, restart or use hints for the levels which you find hard.
  • If you’re not a fan of interruptions you can always choose the No-Ads version of the app.
  • You will not get any ad interruption and get free hints.
  • You can switch on and off sound and vibration effects for a more real experience.
  • A major advantage of this game is you can also play this in offline mode.
  • you can play this game offline, so no need for an internet connection.
  • You can play this game anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Even at times when you don’t have the internet like when traveling, or at distant villages or remote areas.

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