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pub gfx tool has premium features which you can graphic unlock.

It is a great graphics enhancer tool that can help heavy games like PUBG mobile, unknown battlegrounds India, Garena Free Fire, Call of duty, and other popular games. This is a toolkit which is a collection of tools for heavy games to make them work smoother on low-end devices. With PUB Gfx+ Tool graphic enhancer toolkit you can Adjust FPS and make it higher than what your device allows.


Benefits of Pub Gfx

very usefull application for battlegrounds unkown india by krafton and pubg by tencent.

This apk helps save battery. Wondering why ? as you can adjust graphics manually this app allows you to go beyond what is allowed. so that you can adjust settings in points and to your preference. You can decide to run your games on a higher setting or on a lower setting to save battery.

This application certainly enhances one’s gaming experience thanks to quick and easy optimization of battlegrounds image quality and attractive and flexible settings menu.

There has been a lot of review and discussion on pubg and performance enhancement of battlegrounds India on lower-end devices or older devices. PUB Gfx+ Tool apk is also a graphic toolkit that unlocks higher resolution gameplay.

With this tool, you can enjoy an increased FPS and allow 1080p resolution. This apk can also help you customize a lot of settings and are flexible. You can use this app for the automatic configuration of PUBG and other games.


Features of Pubg GFX plus tool

As the names suggest this toolkit allows you to decrease lag and play games without stutter or hanging games. This app is safe to download and use. There is also an advanced version of this game which is paid and you can download it here for free.

This allows accelerated rendering which essentially means that you will have a huge performance increase while playing games.

You can also change shadow quality and you can patch other advanced settings for extreme graphic visualization with your device easily.

With the use of this application, you can edit layout and change things that you generally can’t without this app. You will have to try it to see the performance boost and graphic change in PUBG mobile games.

Unlock hidden settings of CPU and memory-heavy games with the toolkit or just use the pre-configuration that comes pre-installed in the app. You can also reset settings and go back to previous controls at any point in time. But it is recommended to take screenshots of your controls and settings so that you do not lose any edge but only gain it.


Other unique features

This application supports all mobile device models. You can enhance game performance and graphics on every android device which supports FPS games. 

This application is tied and tested. It is popular because it works. It is also tested by developers around the world and their comments are there on XDA developers.

This tool supports all versions of games like global version, KR version, TW, beta version, PUBG LITE, and unknown battlegrounds India latest version is also supported.

Read more it at the official website of the developer – Trilokia Inc


Settings available in PUB Gfx+ Tool 

ehnace graphics greatly with the mod apk and enjoy no lag in pubg game.

  • Graphic resolution
  • HDR unlocking
  • Trigger Extreme FPS and increase FPS beyond [Framerate]
  • Graphic style
  • Trigger to turn on/off shadow and shadow quality
  • Enable disable anti-aliasing, MSAA and adjust Anisotropic filtering
  • Change level of details of graphics
  • Lag mode turn lag to zero and battery mode which saves battery
  • Accelerating rendering of graphics with the use of hardware
  • Optimize GPU
  • Trigger light effects and color render
  • Memory boost to enhance the gaming experience 
  • Anti Ban so that you won’t get banned for using the GFX tool
  • Save layout setting and export it so that it is easily recoverable
  • Widget launcher so that settings can be triggered with one-touch

Currently, this GFX tool covers all of the problems which are caused due to these settings. You can adjust them to your desired level or use the already pre-defined setting values.


Anti-ban feature

Using this app would not ban you from playing PUBG as all the settings that this app change come under fair use of the application. Also, you do not get banned until and unless someone reports you or you come under the notice of developers. This only happens when you use other services with this app and in that case, you can get banned. 

we suggest that you do not use any other service with this GFX tool. This app is complete in itself. 


Final verdict

PUB Gfx+ Tool has several settings options. You can get the best settings with the built-in graphics settings of PUBG. apart from this, you can also use basic settings, miscellaneous settings, advanced settings, and experimental settings. Please note that experimental settings are well… Experimental and are not recommended for a high stakes gaming environment. These settings can break some functionality so much that you will have to re-install the game again.

PUB Gfx+ Tool is by far the best graphic enhancer tool available for FPS games that are CPU and memory-heavy. This graphic toolkit for optimizing the GFX performance of PUBG has several deep and hidden options. Use this awesome GFX app for battlegrounds and get an edge over others because of increased gaming performance. Get more winner-winner chicken dinners and climb your way up to the top of the ladder in PUBG ranking more easily than ever!


Frequently Asked Questions

pub gfx+ tool mod apk no ban no lag cover photo

How do I get 90 fps in pubg mobile?

You can get 90FPS or even more by using this GFX tool. You of course need capable hardware to do this but even if you don’t have that kind of device, don’t fret. Using increased FPS on a lower-end device can work better if you use Pub GFX tool.

How do I enable extreme fps in pubg mobile?

You can enable extreme FPS in the advanced FPS settings in this GFX toolkit app.

Is using the gfx tool safe for pubg?

It is completely safe to use this application. There is also an urban feature in this application by which you can adjust graphics without getting banned. 

Does the gfx tool damage your phone?

No id does not, provided you play with settings within limits of your device or do not use the highest possible settings for longer hours. If you can play the game smoothly with the settings then you are perfectly fine and safe to go. There would not be any damage.

Which gfx tool is best for pubg?

PUB Gfx+ Tool is the best GFX tool for Pubg.

Latest Update: It works better if you have a rooted device and you get more functionality!


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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