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Are you a pokemon series fan? If yes then we can suggest an amazing RPG which is called “Pokemon Go”. Read this interesting article we have created for you to know all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.


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Pokemon Go is the best Role-playing Pokemon simulation game. This game is based on the most popular entertainment cartoon series “Pokemon”. This game has given us a new perspective as it has introduced a whole new world where the animals with special abilities live. These animals have special powers based on different natural elements like fire, water, earth, shadow, lighting, air, and many more. Players will have to catch all these different types of pokemons to make a legendary fighting team. Going into the wild and catching your first character will be the first mission for you.

  • You will love the realistic factors of this game, it is remarkable how your surroundings will become the battleground.
  • Fight real-time battles with other skilled trainers.
  • You will have to fight against different types of pokemons, so you should learn about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • There is another twist in the story, in your journey to become the pokemon master you will have to deal with a team rocket who wants to steal your pokemon.
  • To fight in this game you will have to first have to master the fighting techniques and special attacks of every character.

Main features

dragons and pokemon

Pokemon collection

This game has a vast collection of characters of each type and region. In this game, you will find every pokemon that you have seen in the original cartoon series. These characters can behave very real, they can also evolve in the game to acquire more power. Some of them are very powerful and they can even hurt you if you are not careful. They all are designed with their objectives and mission. Some legends are almost impossible to catch.

Catch pokemons

As a pokemon trainer in the game, you will have to catch all the powerful ones. You will have to create your team to fight the battles. Additionally, You will have to keep track of the pokemon that you want to catch. Also, You can start by catching your first pokemon which can be a defense. Dedenne is a cute electric-type pokemon and it is very easy to catch him. Then with the help of the first one, you can start your journey.

Challenge other Pokemon Go Trainers

As you can collect powerful characters, you will have to train them and yourself as well. The best way to train yourself is to challenge the powerful and experienced trainers. You will do the battles in which you can use power moves of your pokemon like thundershock, water gun, flamethrower, and many more. You will also get to learn the different moves and special combo attacks. As you will win the battles you can earn more rewards and your rank will also increase. The most amazing thing is that your pokemon will also evolve with each battle.

Graphics and sound effects

The graphics levels of this game are stunning, the battle scenes and game environment is very realistic. You will get to experience the fun of console-level graphics with this game. In the battle scenes, the special attacks and powerful moves are displayed with special visual effects. The detailed graphics of this game can be enjoyed by playing on big screen devices like Android TV. The characters are also created with very detailed animations.


Why play Pokemon Go?

see energy level on their head.

You can choose Pokemon Go as your next favorite game app, as it is the most amazing adventure and action game. In this game, you can collect 500+ different types of game characters. These characters are of different types and have different types of elemental powers. By making your team legendary, you can challenge the real gym master.

Just like the original cartoon series, in pokemon GO you will have to continue fighting the gym battles to become the master. You make your team with other challengers and fight with them to win difficult fights. Help your pokemon in evolving up to their finest form to become strong. The graphics are stunning and the characters of this game are also designed very realistic. Battle pokemon go trainers online, they will be very skilled and you will have to fight with the best strategies to win.

Unique features

  • Attack friends with legendary pokemon.
  • There are 500+ characters that you can collect in your team.
  • Real-time GYM battles will amaze you with their intense action fights.
  • Invite your friends and battle with them for more fun.
  • Upgrade your character with different outfits and skins.

The benefits of playing pokemon go

  • Stunning graphics to enjoy
  • Hundreds of levels to compete.
  • Have fun with your friends.
  • Lots of adventurous challenges and journeys to enjoy

Relevant resources

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  4. Watch videos with the official pokemon go youtube channel.
  5. Visit the Facebook official page of this game.

FAQs about Pokemon Go Game

scores of all pokemons are visible.

How to play Pokemon Go?

Watch this video to learn how to play this game:


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