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Are you a 90s kid? Then you must be a fan of cartoons of our age. Pokemon is one of the most popular cartoons of that age. We bought you the pokemon café remix if you want to get nostalgic and experience the same old pokemon. This is not a cliché game where you need to catch Pokémon roaming inroads. You will have to run a cafe with your pokemon in this game.

To know more about the unique game, read the following article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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customize your cute pokemons.

In the pokemon cafe remix, you will run a pokemon cafe for the pokemon and with the help of the pokemon. You are the owner of the restaurant. All the staff and the customers are the pokemon. In the game, there are several objectives that you need to complete to win rewards in the game. Prepare drinks, dishes, beverages, and other demands of your pokemon customers. For completing different tasks, you will encounter some difficulties that you can clear by solving some puzzles. It is a puzzle mind game with a backstory and theme related to pokemon.

It is not any action and strategy-based game. It is a continuous and straightforward game to give you some nostalgic feelings. It has a unique concept. The game has every type of pokemon you may have liked in your good old days. You can recruit more pokemon to your service and increase your workforce. It is the original pokemon game developed by the genuine developers of the pokemon. They have produced many games giving Pokemon themes, but this unique game offers the players calm and straightforward gameplay.

Solving the puzzles will depend upon your ability. The game will teach you the basics of the game. You will learn more and more as you move to the higher levels of the game.


solve puzzles to complete tasks.


The gameplay is simple and easy to play. There is a back story and build-up to different challenges you will need to solve. There are old and new pokemon all around you. Some of them are your employees, and some are your customer. The graphics and animation of the game are perfect and look promising. The colors look attractive.


You need to solve puzzles in the game to complete some tasks. The tasks include making some dish or drink. You will have many pokemon like Pikachu and others to assist you. Use their unique powers and skills to solve these puzzles.

Make a lot of dishes.

Build coffees, cakes, appetizers, and other luxurious dishes. You have a fantastic pokemon staff to assist you in becoming the most popular cafe chain in the pokemon universe. Divide each task into a unique pokemon concerning their skill sets.


The game contains many pokemon to give you a nostalgic ride to your childhood. There are pokemon as your customer and as your employees. Use their skills to complete different tasks in the cafe and solve puzzles. You can upgrade your pokemon to different levels. The game and pokemon are funny and cute. They are ready to help everyone.

Other key features

  •  Complete this entertaining cookery problem in which you must mix and match symbols to connect them!
  •  As the proprietor of the café, you’ll be tasked with solving riddles with the assistance of your Pokémon employees.
  •  Make use of each Pokémon’s specialization and individuality, and strive for three-star results!
  •  A large number of Pokémon make an appearance! You may even take pleasure in changing their attire!
  •  Pokémon that you befriend will become part of your team and assist you in the café.
  •  Dressing up your personnel in Pokémon costumes can bring life to your café!
  •  As you go through the ranks of your staff Pokémon, they will be able to dress in different clothes. In addition, unique garments for certain Pokémon will be issued regularly!
  •  Recruit a wide variety of Pokémon, boost their levels, and turn your home into a Pokémon café!

Pros and cons

pokemons will help you solving puzzles.


  • The gameplay is simple and cute. Playing the game is simple. There is always assistance with you to help in whenever you need any help.
  • The graphics look fantastic.
  • There are lots of pokemon in the game. You can upgrade them and use their skills to do different tasks.
  • Solve the puzzles to complete some objectives.


  • Going back and doing old levels in the events isn’t very pleasant.
  • There is very low stamina, and some levels are challenging to clear.
  • There is no offline mode, and you need a good internet connection to play the game.

Other information

Important link

  • Visit the google play store by clicking here. You can read the pokemon cafe mix reviews and more about the app.
  • Red pokemon list along with their strength and rankings..


How to get the game?

Download the game from the google play store, or you can download it from this website by following the steps given above.

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