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POCKET TV Introduction

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As the name sounds, Pocket tv is the most impressive and entertaining tv app that streams movies, web series, and tv shows. With this app, the players can easily watch their favorite shows, movies, and web series from anywhere they want. This app is specially designed for users who love to watch the latest movies and shows.

Entertainment is the most crucial factor in life as it helps relieve our mental stress. And with this app, it becomes easy to entertain yourself because the users don’t need to wait to go home to watch their shows. They can log in to the app and start watching their favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the world. There is a fantastic collection of the latest and old movies in this app that the users can watch.

The process to use this app is straightforward, and all the users can watch it with their friends and family. There is a fantastic variety of shows for every person to watch. Each person’s tastes in watching shows and movies, so this app has a vast collection of shows of different types.


Main features on Pocket TV

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Wide variety of shows and movies

Pocket tv app has a wide variety of tv shows and movies with which every type of user can be satisfied. Because everyone has their favorite shows and movies, with this app, the users will get to watch every kind of entertainment like horror, comedy, entertaining, action, drama, emotional, and many more.

From the latest to oldest, every type of show and movie is available with this app. The best thing is that the users will watch the entertaining content of famous platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, zee5, and many more productions made.


Supports multiple languages

This app supports all types of primary languages spoken across the world. So that means the viewers can watch their shows in any comfortable language they want. And for the Indian viewers, this app provides movies and shows in Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, English, Gujrat, and Marathi.

The best thing is that Bollywood and Hollywood movies and shows are also available in different languages.


High definition contents

Pocket tv is the best entertaining app that provides all the fun content in high definition quality. With these features, the users will experience all entertainment with detailed picture quality. And with the high picture quality, the users will be able to see and share even the minute details.

And it is not that the users cannot lower the quality of the content. But the users can easily switch between the HD content and standard rate according to their connectivity strength. And the 3D movies, if the users will watch in the highest quality available, will be unique.

Extra features

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Anime in Pocket TV

The users can also watch the anime series with this app, and it is terrific for anime lovers. Now they can watch anime shows without any interruption. All the latest anime series are available to care for the users. And they can also track the availability of the next episode after the first.

Korean shows

With this app, the users can watch special Korean shows streamed online and offline.

Chromecast feature

With the use of chrome cast devices, the users can easily watch their favorite tv shows and movies directly from their phones to intelligent tv screens. And these features will allow the users to have more fun by watching the shows on the big screen, and more people can watch together.


Unique Features Of Pocket TV

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The pocket tv app has many unique features with stunning high-quality content and high-quality sound effects. The animations used in the user interface are unique and designed with high-quality visuals. The users don’t need any subscription with this app to watch the shows. They need an excellent network connection to watch them, and there is no time limit or restrictions to manage them.

Subtitles are also available in this app as the viewers cannot understand the dialogues exactly. And the subtitles are available in different languages. The navigational layout of each show and movie is perfect. Users can easily find their performances and films they want to see.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

[Optional] After you download, please remember to Disable Google play scan protect. This app is not available on the play store, and you have to disable the play watch function manually. Don’t worry. This application is entirely safe to use.

Steps on disabling –

  • Open Play Store on your phone.
  • Tap on the top right to open your profile.
  • There you can find play protect settings. Tap on it.
  • Then, Tap on the Settings icon located in the same top-right corner.
  • Tap on “Scan apps with play protect.”

How to install APK, XAPK, OBB files

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