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Do you love watching animated movies? If yes, then we have a great app suggestion for you, with this app you can create your animated movies. This app is called Plotagon apk. Read all its features in this article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Plotagon Story

build your own animated movies with this app.

Plotagon Story apk is an amazing animated video-making app. You must have watched animated movies all your childhood and it is also possible that you still love watching them. Because of the popularity of animated movies, Plotagon developers have introduced an amazing video-making app. This app makes it very easy to make your own short animated movie. You can use this app to create your own written animated movie. With this app, you can recreate a story ending that you don’t like and watch it again. With this application, you can write and play any story you like. Create an alternate ending or scene of any movie with this app. Plotagon story apk download.

Create and customize your characters, use them in your short movies. This app gives you the power of a movie director. Direct your created movies as you like, create and use characters as your story needs. In your movies, you will play as many roles as you want. Here you are a director, writer, actor, makeup artist, and much more. All these things can be performed with simple taps. Whatever you want to create you will just have to tap.

Main features

design and customize your own characters as you like with plotagon story mod apk.

Create animation movies

With this app, you can create realistic animated movies with a few clicks. Use your imagination and creativity skills to create these movies. Recreate any part of a movie or create a particular movie scene, which you want to see in animations. Design the scenes with twists and alternate endings. Make movies based on Marvel, DC, and other superhero universes. Each day will bring more and more unique ideas to create beautiful and fun animation films.

Design characters

You cannot only make animation movies with this app. But you will also need interesting characters to work in your movies. With this app, you can create animated characters for your movies. Take inspiration from famous movie characters and make your main character for your movie. Use your imagination skills to design characters that can fit in your movies. You can even create yourself or your friends as a character in your movies.

Write plays

Write interesting stories, as you are the writer for your movies. With this app to create movies, you will have to write your plays. Have fun writing stories about ghosts, superheroes, action, drama, and comedy. Write whatever your imagination allows you to. After writing these plays you can create characters as best fit in these stories. These stories make a movie worth watching, so this is the best part which has to be done patiently.

Share stories online and gather fans

After making these fun animated stories you can show off your animation skills. Share your created stories on social media platforms and win loyal fans for yourself. Make your viewers love your movies and give your talent the popularity it deserves. Share these stories online on famous platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many more. If you have the talent and skills to direct and create animation movies then these platforms will help you grow your fan base.

Why use Plotagon story apk?

with every update you will get additional story scenes and characters.

There are many reasons to use the Plotagon story app. This app will help you unleash your creativity and imagination skills. With the Plotagon story app, you can create fun animation stories. These animated stories are very easy to use with this app. You will write your own stories and create short animation movies on them. You will be the writer of your own story or you can choose to recreate the fun movie scenes in your animated films. Create your characters in this game, customize their outfits, and look at yourself. Design them as the need of your story.

After creating these films, you can share them on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps. Once you start creating fun content, your habit will make you even more talented. Show off your animation skills among your fans and have fun. Download this app for android.

Unique features

  • Record your own voices and sound effects for your movies.
  • Download updated scenes and new characters for your movies in this app.
  • Create yourself as a character or even add your friends as movie characters.
  • Lots of character customization features for your story characters


How to use Plotagon story?

Watch all videos about plotagon story on this official youtube channel of Plotagon.

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