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Are you a fan of strategy games? If yes, then we have an excellent suggestion for you all, which is Plant vs Zombies 2. Read this article to know all its benefits. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Plants vs Zombies 2

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Plants vs Zombies 2 apk is the best strategy-based casual game. It is based on the sci-fi storyline where the plants and zombies face each other in a fight. Plants vs Zombies was the most successful game released in 2009 by Electronic Arts. And now they have also launched their second version of the game in 2013. In this game, you will be enjoying the best strategy-based gameplay. There are two types of forces in this game, one is called plants and the other is called zombies.

  • The plants are obviously at your side and they will fight the zombies to save you.
  • Now the main objective of the zombies is to destroy your house and eat your brain.
  • And plants will help you to kill them and they will protect you from the zombie waves.
  • There are different types of crazy worlds, where you will fight your battles.
  • These worlds are very different from each other and have extreme weather conditions.
  • The fights of these zombies and plants will be more of a chess game.
  • You can choose plants as your army and fight the zombies to do checkmate.

Main features

level up screen with green color theme

Grow plants

In this game, you will have to grow different types of plants. You will have to create your army of plants who will fight for you with zombies. There are different types of plants in this game, some are very tall, some are short, they will have super strength and hardness also. These are the perfect soldiers for you to protect yourself from the zombies. Some plants also fight from long range, as they have weapons to shoot. You can grow plants by earning seeds by battles and digging them to grow plants. And in the same manner, you can help your plants to power up.

11 worlds

There are 11 different kinds of worlds in Plants vs Zombies 2 in which you can enjoy fighting. These worlds have different types of weather conditions and battle arenas. These battle arenas are designed just like the chessboard. Where the two armies will fight, one of the plants and the other are zombies. The players will fight with plants against the zombies and the goal of the players will be to kill the king or boss of zombies. You will win lots of rewards and extra points when you level.

Challenging levels

There are more than 300 challenging levels in this game, so you will never get bored by playing this game. These levels are difficult to complete as each level has its strategic way to win. You can make your strategies to win these levels. And each level will be harder than the previous one. There are lots of mini-games within the game that you can play to have more fun.

Amazing graphics and sound effects

The graphics quality of this game is very stunning. You will enjoy the visual effects that are displayed when you play a special move. The animation quality used in designing the characters is amazing. And the same way the eleven worlds in this game are also designed with incredible graphics quality. You will love the detailed visual effects displayed in the game.

Why plants vs zombies 2 apk to play?

several plant species in the game

You can choose plants vs zombies 2 to play as this game is the most fun strategy-based action game. Where you can play alongside plants to defeat the zombies. This is another zombie fighting game but with one twist. Here the plants will fight for you. There are chess-shaped battle arenas in which you will fight zombies. In this game, you will need to create unique strategies for every different level to win. The graphics quality is stunning in this game as all the characters and battle worlds are created with amazing visual effects.

There are more than 300 challenging levels to enjoy. And if this is not enough for you then you can also play daily challenges and mini-games. Grow your army of plants and stop the zombies from eating your brain. Controls are very easy to use and can be changed according to comfort.

Unique features

  • There are daily party events and mini-games within the game that you can enjoy for free.
  • Plants vs Zombies 2 is Free to download and play.
  • Play multiplayer to have fun playing against other skilled players.
  • There are more than 100 plant species that you can grow in this game.
  • Win Boss levels fight to win rewards and bonus points.


  1. Free to download and play.
  2. Immersive gameplay to enjoy
  3. Amazing storyline and gameplay that can never let you bored
  4. There are mini-games within the game to enjoy

Relevant resources

mini games inside a game in plants vs zombies

  1. Check Plants vs Zombies 2 on the play store.
  2. Visit the official website of this game.
  3. Read more about this game on Wikipedia.
  4. Watch the official trailer of plants vs zombies :


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