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Have you ever thought of having a pet with you? The pet that will be with you in good times and bad. How about having a horse as a pet? It seems interesting, except thinking about the caring part.

Well, what if I say to you that you can have a horse pet and don’t need to worry about him all the time. Yes, I’m talking to you about having a virtual horse pet. Want to know how? Kindly read this article and get Pixie the Pony – Virtual Pet by clicking the download links given below.

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take care of your pony's needs.

Let’s think about the above topic again. Think of why you do not have a horse as a pet. It can be a lack of enough space, time, anything. But I’m repeating that you can virtually have a horse as a pet. Everything is coming from reality to this virtual world. The whole world is residing on your phone. Then, why not pets too? Yes, an application is available called pixie the pony that offers you a virtual pet to take care of.

You must have seen or heard about these types of pet applications. But this application is about raising a horse with many other fun activities that make it different from other apps. You will get here the experience of raising and taking care of a horse.

It’s very common to have dogs and cats as pets, but this would be full of exciting experiences of raising a pony(horse name). Horses’ lifestyles and feeding techniques are different from common pet animals.


allow him to play and learn.give him nutritious food for its growth.

It has many unique features associated with it, impressive and exciting to try. Let’s have a glance at some of them.

1. Customizable Pet

The users can customize their pets as per their needs. Everyone here is allowed to create customized gameplay that will feel very real to them. With gameplay customization, you can also customize your pony as you wish. Everyone can’t like the same horse as their pet. So, you are here free to decorate your pony accordingly. This would not be such a difficult task. Instead, you would surely enjoy it throughout this journey.

Unlike most other applications, you can get everything as per your preferences. You can get to see your pet and gameplay according to your settings.

2. Detailed Information

Raising a pet gives you every information about the pet. In this application, the pet seems to like the butterflies a lot. A horse likes to see colorful butterflies around and play with them. Suppose you want to get more butterflies around your pet. You can plant some flower plants in the garden to attract these beautiful creatures to your surroundings. As mentioned above, horses have different lifestyles than other animals. So as for bathing as well, horses prefer to bathe in lakes and ponds rather than in bathrooms.

3. Creating Moments

When we get any pet, we get very attached to them. Similarly, in this app, too, you will be an ultimate partner for your horse throughout his lifetime. Growing together enables us to create memories together. The app records your best memories with your pet and shows them to you with the achievement scorecard to relive those memories again.

4. Responsibility

Power comes along with many responsibilities. More power means more responsibilities. Here, you will learn to be responsible for your work as you will need to take care of a foal named pony. So, you need to take care of him as a child. A child needs to be cared for with love and develop many responsibilities, such as the pony.

To fill its nutrition bowl, the app has a garden area where you can grow different fruits and vegetables to feed the pony. The fruits and vegetables harvested can be used in feeding the pet. You will have a barn, too, in the gameplay. So that in case the horse does not finish all the food in one go. You can store them to give later.

The game has a place for it to satisfy its hobby part. He seems to love playing with butterflies. So, you can plant some flower plants in your garden. Flowers will attract butterflies. And later, the pony can play with them.

5. Upgradation available

You don’t need to see everything here in basic layouts. The player can upgrade and customize everything in this game accordingly. The storage barns, trees, houses, and many more things can be customized as per user preference.

With gameplay layout, you can even upgrade your horse accessories too.

6. In-app games

It has a very remarkable feature loved by every user, i.e., the minigames section. The player needs to have money in the game for customization and up-gradation. To earn money and rewards, you can play many instant and exciting games with your pet. Diamond connect, Pony race, and many more games are available in this app to give you rewards according to your scores. Users can use the money in rewards for shopping for new layouts and features in the game.

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