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If you are looking for an amazing app, you can instantly identify any insect and spiders by just clicking its photo. Then the Picture insect & Spider ID apk (also known as picture insect app) is definitely for you. Read in detail about its features in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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avoid dangerous insects by identying them.

Picture insect apk is one of the most popular insect identifier apps by a photo with many unique and amazing features. With this app, you can instantly identify any insect, spider, pests and even butterflies. You have to click the photo of the insect you want to identify, and then this app will automatically give detailed information about it. This app is a treasure for entomologists, students and outside explorers. If you are in the forest, you can identify the dangerous insect and then this app will notify you to stay away from them.

You fully trust the information given by this app, as it has an accuracy rate of 95.28%. You can even create a collection of insects you have seen for future reference. Picture inspect & Spider ID apk has a growing database of over 1000 species to help you identify any insect. With this app, you can get detailed information about insects on your device. Already more than millions of users around the globe are using this app. You can download the latest version of Picture inspect apk, which will help as a bug identifier for absolutely free.

Main features

identify the harmful insects and keep them away.

Large database

You can enjoy the large database covering more than 4000 species in this app. You can identify many different insects from butterflies, insects, beetles, moths, bees to even beetles. It has a smart UI that can identify the images of insects for you at a high accuracy rate. New species are added to the database to keep you updated. Due to this app, you don’t have to carry the books to match the image of insects to identify them, and you can use it anywhere and anytime to identify the insects.

Insect taxonomy

With this app, you don’t just get the names of the insects, and it gives you the detailed information. You can know about insects’ structure, evolution, species, and physical appearance. You can trust the data as they are taken from the most reliable sources. Keep track of identified insects or spiders in your collection for future reference. And you can also share it with the other nature lovers who would be interested.

Ask your questions

The most amazing and unique feature among all is this one. Many strange questions come to our minds when we see insects, and answers are available online. So for you, this app has a team of expert entomologists who will answer your questions. Feel free to ask them anything, and they will try to answer them as soon as possible. The app will automatically notify someone to answer your question. This is a best pictureinsect app.

User-friendly interface

Picture inspect apk has an interactive and intuitive interface. It is specially designed so that the user can have a comfortable and flexible experience. You will find all the main options on this app’s homepage and dashboard menu. Anyone can use this app, and you have to click the photo of insects. And this app will automatically give you information about it. It has customizable settings which you can set according to your preference.

Unique features

  • It is a lightweight app.
  • It has low battery consumption.
  • There are no ads to watch.
  • One of the best free apps to identify bugs by picture.

Why install Picture inspect apk?

keep a handy guide in your mobile.

With large growing popularity among entomologists, Picture insect & Spider ID apk is among the top insect identifier apps. With this app, you can instantly identify any insect and spider and get a detailed description of them. You have to click the insect photo, and this app will do the work for you, and it will detail the insect’s structure, appearance, species, and even evolution. This app has a database of over 4000 species, so you can easily identify any insect and spiders.

You can trust all this information as it has an accuracy of 95.28% and is from verified sources. You can even save the identified insects or spiders in this app as your future reference. Additionally, You get answers to all your questions from expert entomologists. There is no limit, and you can use this app as many times as you want for absolutely free. This app is a free insect identification app.


How to identify an insect with a picture?

It’s very simple to identify an insect with a picture if you use Picture Insect apk.

Is the picture insect app free?

Yes, the picture insect app is completely free when you download it from populapk, a site that provides free apps & games.

How to identify bug apps?

To identify the bugs app, you can read their descriptions and find out what they do. For simple methods, you can learn how they work from the screenshots.

Is there an app that will identify bugs?

Yes, you can use the Picture Insect app to identify bugs online for free.

What is the best free insect identification app?

The best free insect identification app is Picture Insect apk.

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