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Picsart APK introduction

Picsart is the best all-in-one photo and video editor for mobile platforms. The people who perform regular photography & videography and want to create their art into professional art then PicsArt apk is the best app for them. Show your creativity with the awesome features of this app and prove your skills. It is one of the most used popular apps with millions of users around the world.

The app gives you everything you need to create your ordinary art into an extraordinary one. Editing videos and photos have become fun with this app. It has been specially designed uniquely so that beginners and professionals both can be comfortable using the app. And especially beginners who just started and don’t understand the technicalities of the editing. With this Picsart App, you can inspire and tell amazing stories with your art.

Picsart Apk Main Features

Picsart mod apk - layer wise editing,

Photo editor

Picsart is the best photo editor to do professional photography. It can sharpen your skills more and you can perform very technical functions with very little effort. Its photo editing features involve stunning filters with special effects for pictures and also have trendy effects for photos.

The app has an impressive background eraser and with this useful tool, users can easily cut photo backgrounds and can also erase the background if they want. After erasing them they can use whatever background they want in the photos. The objects which users don’t want in their pictures can be easily removed.

The photos can be given amazing retouch by the unique features. It has millions of free images which can be used for professional editing or if users want then they can edit their pictures. The latest app has unique texts with 200+ special font types that users can use to edit their photos. The users can perform stunning makeovers with beauty tools like hair color changers, makeup stickers & many more tools.

Smart selection tools have the best background effects and one of them is the blue effect which can make the photo background very amazing. The users can blend photo layers and can quickly flip and crop the photos.

Free to edit contents

Picsart apk provides amazing free content to its users to make their best editing pics. It has a vast library of free-to-edit pictures for its users. And continuously adds these images for its users, so that they don’t have a shortage of images.

With these free-to-edit images, the beginners can learn a lot about professional editing and It knows how to help them and to help them continuously add these images.

Video editor

Videos are very useful when somebody has to express their emotions, feelings, imaginations, and ideas. And to express them better the PicsArt photo and video editor is the best app for the users.  Videos can be edited professionally from the scratch by using this excellent toolkit of features. The video maker is very awesome and users can perform very technical tasks with ease like mixing and adding their favorite music in the videos.

Videos become very Exciting and stories can be easily brought to life. This app provides a library of amazing songs which can be added to the videos to make them more expressive and entertaining. The users can crop videos to shorter them or can use square fit to add backgrounds to them more awesome.

The app provides many fun effects and trendy filters to make the videos more fantastic like the famous glitch effect. The video can be trimmed and made shorter by this app or users can merge different videos to make a longer version of the video. The users can make amazing and fun content by merging videos to make a compilation.

Collage maker

view of all tools available in editor,

Collage making is a unique technique to merge the photos to capture a fun moment and make a memorable masterpiece. By the use of apk users can create epic collages by easily using professional features. Users can use different images provided by the app or can use their favorite pictures to make an amazing collage.

It has a useful collection of features to make collages and users can try photo grids, freestyle collages, scrapbooks, different frames for photos. The users can choose from a bunch of layout designs to make their college more creative and eye-catching. The users can use their creative imagination and Picart’s funny meme generator to make funny memes and share them with their friends to make them viral.

Picsart Apk also helps in making the Instagram stories more amazing with the professional tools in the story maker and level up the Insta game with story templates. The users can choose multiple ratios for their collage-like 1:1, 4:5, 3:2. Collage makers can also be used to compare different scenarios in the photos by stitching them up. This collage maker is packed with hundreds of possibilities so the users will never get bored.

Free stickers and sticker maker

Stickers make the pics more creative and fun. Stickers in Picsart Gold for expressions like fun, angry, sad, happy, and many more. It has 3 million custom stickers created by their community and over 60+ million cool picsart stickers for Imessage. Users can add stickers to add and increase the fun level of the photos.

Additionally, users can create their fun stickers and show their creative skills to others by adding them to the app user community. Users can add photos or images in the app to make their stickers. Also, users can remove the background in the photos to use them in making stickers. Users can add texts and make unique shapes in the photos for stickers. Fun emojis, decorations and add borders around the stickers to make them amazing.

Photo Effects

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Photo effects are there to make the pictures more creative and expressive. Most photo editors have normal photo effects but It has the best advanced and professional photo effects which take the pictures to a higher level and pictures will look more professional.

The users can outline the photos especially selfies with the hottest sketch effects. Portraits by this app can easily turn into artistic masterpieces with its awesome canvas effects. Ordinary art can become extraordinary with this app by using the dripping effect stickers & also customizing the blend mode. The photo editor has magic effects and users can easily convert photos into fun cartoons. The users will find doodle art very amazing and they will not bore with this feature for hours.

Drawing Tools

This apk has the most powerful drawing tool for photos and users will love the feature this tool can perform. Users can use picture draw with cool and customizable brushes, layers, and pro drawing tools. The users can doodle on pictures for hours. The drawing tool has cool effects and one of the effects which users will like most is the transparent clothes effects.

Meme generator

Users can easily make fun memes with teachings. The users who want to create memes and have fun ideas for it but don’t know how to do it. The PicsArt app is the best option to make funny memes. With this app making memes is a piece of cake and users can also become content creators.


Unique features

Picsart logo

Picsart Apk has many unique features with stunning graphics and special visual effects.

  • It is an all-in-one editor with all advanced features for professional editing.
  • has awesome collage designs for the editors to capture the memorable moments in the pictures.
  • Many unique stickers to express yourself in the pictures more creatively.
  • The user can learn and improve their editing by the replay option.
  • Professional video editing features to show others your talents and skills in a cool way.

More features

  • It makes the selfies perfect by the editing features which even allows changing the hair colors in the pictures.
  • The photo editing features also allow the users to remove the objects from the pictures which users do not want.
  • With various magical filters, users can perform awesome editing in one touch.
  • It has sketch effects and with it, the users can also make their sketch effects.
  • Paint your photos with beautiful stickers to make the photos astonishing.

Picsart Gold Subscription

The picsart gold subscription is the golden opportunity for the editors to get access to unique and exclusive content without any time limit. Since gold subscription has all the premium and hottest features, So, the users to experience high-level professional editing without any ad.

The users can have a taste first without subscribing to the gold membership with the free trial session. And afterward, if they want to continue they can subscribe for the gold membership and experience the wonderful features. The users will love the premium and exclusive features and they will feel the wonderful experience of the ultimate professional editing.

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