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Less or more, but everyone has a photographer residing inside them. If you are a photo enthusiast and want to upgrade your photography skills, you should choose the PICKU PHOTO EDITOR apk as your editing app. This app has all the essential features which a beginner will need to start his editing journey and advanced features for the pro editors to enhance their image quality to superior. To know more about this application, read the full article below and click on the download link to get this app apk that ensures all features with zero cost.

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tons of editing tools.

PICKU PHOTO EDITOR APK is one of the most liked apps by users on the Google play store. It is well said that practice creates perfection. And to get you a step closer to editing perfection, this application will train you for editing by giving some manual user tutorials before editing. Here, the interface is so user-friendly that you won’t feel it is a new app while using it for the first time. It would give you a very smooth working experience. It is more of an intuitive editing app where you will not need to remove or add background images manually. This application will detect the desired image and remove it.

Many templates are available in the app to use whenever you want. But if you want more options to explore, you can get them too. The different templates will need to be downloaded to the app before use. You can do multiple tasks of your photo on this single application. You can edit the images, remove or add the background images, and make collages.

We can set a theme for the photo collages and can get templates according to the theme. We get here a discover feature that enables us to go through other users’ creations in collages or editing. We can also use that template or give them a heart reaction to their post if we like that idea.


more than hundred templates.

Start to end

This application is an all-in-one app that you will ever need to edit your memories beautifully. This app is helpful to a beginner as well as a professional. It provides a series of tutorial steps for beginners interested in editing images. The tutorials will give you clarity about the different tools and their uses.

BG Remover

It is said to be one of the remarkable features of this application. Users do not have to waste time selecting one particular image to cut and paste on another background template. You need to tell the app about the selected part. It will automatically detect that part and cut and paste it on the particular template.

Here’s the guided step for removing the object from a photo and merging it into a different template:-

  •  Firstly, you need to get your desired template from the app template store. You have to download it in the app to use.
  • Now, you have to select that photo from your gallery to the app from which you have to remove the part of the photo. It can be either a human or an object.
  •  Then, the app will automatically start removing the part from the selected photo and join it in the other selected background.
  •  While the process takes place, you can change the object’s size or flip it to the left or right side.
  •  As this whole process is done through AI technology, there can be significantly fewer chances of leaving the details, but you can highlight that part by using the pen feature in the case of left details.

 So, similarly, by using these steps, you can cut any image part and paste it on a better background.

Lots of BG templates

customized filters.

You don’t have to worry about choosing background templates. This app has thousands of templates to use. You can choose any of them and merge your image part into the new template. All templates are different in color, theme, or effects. You can choose the background template according to your image part, which will suit your selected template.

If you want to select the template, it will not always be available in the app. As the templates are in large numbers, some of them are from external sources. So to use them, you will have first to download the template in the app and use it later.

Discover feature

This feature makes this application different from all other editing apps. While editing, we often end most of the time thinking about the new editing idea or the way to use it. This feature will help you in sorting out that problem. Here, you can see other users’ creative collage themes or edited images. If you find that theme pleasant, you can use it freely in your image or collage theme.

And if you like that post and want to show that to the creator, you can send them a heart reaction as your love.

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