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Do you love to play the pokemon go game but hate traveling to different locations to catch new pokemon? We know it isn’t easy to catch pokemon in pokemon go and roam here and there. Don’t worry, we found a solution to your problem. Use the PG sharp app to spoof your location in the pokemon go game. You can move anywhere in the world using the PGsharp app.

To know more about the app, read the following article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About PGSharp

catch unlimited pokemon

Pokemon go got quite popular when it was launched. Many people worldwide started playing it as it gives them a nostalgic feeling. They started roaming, keeping their phone in their hands. As the pokemon go is an augmented reality game, it requires you to travel to places near or far away physically. You can spoof your location in the game by using the PGsharp app. This app lets you change your location in the game wherever you want. It is like a VPN app for a game. You can move your avatar worldwide, and pokemon near that place will appear in front of you to catch.

Pokemon Go uses your GPS to track your location in the game. So it would help if you moved to places to get pokemon near you. Using the PGsharp for Pokemon GO, you can move your avatar in the app without moving a finger of your feet. Move your avatar with a joystick, and it will move in every direction of your choice, just like playing an open-world game like GTA; if you are one of those who don’t get any new pokemon in your area, got frustrated by the game. This app can make your game more exciting to play. It also has an auto walk function that automatically finds pokemon in nearby places.

Features of PGSharp App

there are many setting options of your needs.


The joystick is the most helpful tool of the app. You can use the joystick to move around the map. You can also choose the walking speed of your avatar. It’s like playing an open-world video game, but the difference is that the map is the real-world map of the game. You can also choose the auto walk function that will let your avatar automatically move towards the pokemon hubs.


The game has several pokestops where players receive different rewards. Pokestops are generally away from residential places. You can now move to those pokestops while sitting in your home. Just move your avatar to these places and catch pokemon and receive awards.

Teleportation feature

Suppose you want to move to a faraway place without walking. You can use the teleportation technique to move to distant places instantly. To use it, you need the GPS location of that place and move instantly. You can also save your last location to start from that place also.


The interface of the game is simple and easy. It doesn’t have many features to get confused in between. Use both the app and the game simultaneously to avail the benefits of the game.

Other features

  • Teleport
  • Joystick
  • Favorites
  • Enhanced throw
  • Encounter/Inventory IV
  • Caught preview
  • 100 IV feed
  • Nearby radar
  • Usable on one device

Pros and cons

build your dream team.


  • You can move to a different location without moving an inch of your body.
  • Move your avatar with the help of a joystick, just like a video game.
  • Teleport instantly to faraway places just by inputting the coordinates of that place
  • You can save the last location and start from that place only.
  • Move to the pokemon hubs with a click and collect different pokemon instantly.


  • A third-party app develops the app, and it is not legal to use it. Your pokemon game Id can be banned for using the app to play the game.
  • The app is not available in the google play store. You need to download it from any third-party app, which can be risky.

Other information

How to install the PGSharp app?

Download the free PGSharp APK by clicking the download button and confirming that you want to install it on your device. You don’t need to root your phone at all for the process. Once installed, enter your login credentials. You won’t need to enter a key code for the free version, but for the standard edition, you will.

Now you can install the Pokemon Go app and log in with your PTC account. PGSharp is automatically activated for you.

Important links

  • How to play using the PGSharp app?

Watch the following tutorial video to know how to use the app:


Is PGSharp free to use?

You can download and use the PGSharp application for free. It has a free edition and a paid version. You have to pay a monthly fee for a paid version, and you will get some extra features.

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