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Do you love computers and technology? Then we have brought you a new game where you will simulate an IT guy who loves computers and work for them. If you can match this guy’s level of passion, then go for the game. Build your career around the simulation where you do many tasks. To know more about the PC creator Pro game, read the following article and learn about it.

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About PC creator Pro

complete orders and recieve rewards.

PC creator is a simulation game where you will simulate an IT guy who loves computers. He works for a multinational company and assembles a perfect computer for their clients’ needs and demands. In this game, you have to build an ideal working pc by assembling different computer components. You have to assemble RAM, hard disk, graphic cards, and software. All the hardware should be compatible so that the pc will become a total working masterpiece. You have to make a perfect computer system for your client; otherwise, you will lose your client.

The game starts from scratch, and you will learn gradually, just like a normal human being to learn about computers. Apart from hardware, you also need to install the software. Chose the best programs and operating systems for your client’s system. The happier the client, the more business for your company and more growth. Apart from it, you can also build your mining farms to mine cryptocurrency. You have to develop an automatic system to mine the cryptocurrency for you.

Your job in the company is to receive orders to repair, build and upgrade the computer system. Build and maintain your company’s repo to get more business and clients. Build pc for video editing or gaming. It will depend upon your client’s needs.


collect equipments and make your pc sets


The interface of PC creator Pro is very user-friendly. The game has a lot of features and gameplay. But still, it provides an excellent interface to make a stylish and comfortable interface. It has animated controls, elements icons, and more.

Build pc from scratch.

The game starts from scratch. You have to make your first pc from the ground. But, still, you can make your dream pc in this game. You have to buy your components. Purchase the best parts like motherboard, storage units, RAM, and others at reasonable prices that are best suitable for you.

Receive rewards

When you complete your client’s orders, you will receive experience points and virtual coins. You can use these rewards to upgrade your service center and buy new accessories. It will help you grow in the game. It will also boost your equipment with more powerful ones to help you do your work faster and better.

Learn about PCs

PC creator Pro will help you learn many things about computer hardware and software. While playing the game, you will learn about many types of equipment and how these equipment gets to comply with each other. While playing the game, you will learn many things that will help you in real life and understand the game.

Play with others

The game allows you to play your favorite games with your friends and other players worldwide. There is also a technology battle between many manufacturers. If you are interested in playing the game. You can join any manufacturing community and store their equipment in your virtual warehouse. Built your most powerful supercomputer and compete with the systems of other players.

Pros and cons of PC creator Pro

grow in business and learning.


  • The interface and gameplay of PC creator Pro are very smooth. There are a lot of features and modes in the game to play.
  • Receive experience points and virtual coins to help you grow in the game.
  • The game works both offline and online mode.
  • You get to learn many things about computers through this game. Learn from basics to the complexity of the computer system.
  • Regular updates of the latest version keep adding new things to the game.


  • Too many ads in the game that are un-skippable. You have to bear boring ads of long lengths.
  • The tutorial of the game is way too vague. It doesn’t provide much information about the gameplay.
  • It didn’t allow choosing components.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and more about the app.
  • Watch the following video to make your PC faster:


Is the PC creator pro available for PC?

The game is available for the android platform, but you can also play it on your computer by following the steps given above in the article.

Do you need a good pc for pc building simulator?

The game works fine on mid-range smartphones and computers.

How to get the app?

You will get the PC creator app from the google play store, or you can also download PC creator pro from this website by following the steps given above.

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