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What is Pascal’s Wager?

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Pascal’s Wager is all about a dark soul action game in which the inside world of the game is without sun, which means dark only. It became one of the best among all the dark action games released by Giant Global.

Pascal’s Wager has very powerful and excellent light effects, voice and audio effects, and a deep story for about 20 hours approximately.

In this game, the user has to face a lot of challenges and situations in which some dangerous monsters come across.

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Key points of Pascal’s Wager apk:

  • The most recent update was on February 1, 2022.
  • Genre-Action
  • Size-1.7GB
  • Patched features
  • Developer-Giant Global
  • OSV-Android 5.0+ (above)
  • Package

About the feature

simple on screen controls

Pascal’s Wager apk is basically a paid app, which means it is a patched version of the game.

What are the patched features?

-It basically means paying for something where it is already known that Pascal’s Wager costs their user around $8, which has to be fully paid during the installation of this game.

Steps to be followed for the installation of Pascal’s Wager game:

The user has to download the apk data first.

Now run the data and install the apk.

Now it requires extracting from

Here we go. Open Pascal’s Wager game now.

(Note: Avoid opening the Pascal’s Wager game before extracting the data, which can further lead to some trouble or verification issues and so on.)

The following are the main characteristics of the Pascal’s Wager game:

different outfits for your characters


Deep and incredible, content is above 20 hours.


There are four playable characters with different combat and martial arts modes.


more than 12 enemies who are really very powerful and fierce.

NPCs are diverse and tend towards independent subplots in the game.


total 3xdimensional map with various layers upon it.


Cinematic and also deep story telling where voices are fully dialogued.

Audio and Soundtracks

awesome graphics

so attractive and powerful, which is created and performed by a symphony orchestra that is completely famous in the world.

controller support-fully at its best to ensure the most possible gameplay experience.

PVP/PVE-Pascal’s Wager has the proper addition of Rob PVP/PVE that are multiplayer in modes for the post-launch.

Problems/Bugs found by users:

  • Sometimes it suddenly stops working on some devices and gets crashed.
  • Internet connectivity gets tired and disabled automatically.
  • problems with the lucky patcher that does not work properly.
  • It can’t run in virtual space or a black screen may be shown in virtual space.
  • Some login issues were found while logging in through other apps like Google and Facebook.

Is Pascal’s Wager legal or illegal?

Pascal’s Wager app is not a legal app to use, as you can say it is an absolutely illegal app.

The recommendations are written in such a way that they use a VPN to access this app.

User Reviews:

  • The voice, sound, and graphics of Pascal’s Wager are outstanding and very impressive.
  • The gurgling effects of monsters are really powerful and impressive.
  • The character’s voice demands modification and improvisation within it.
  • The huge flaw of Pascal’s Wageris controls is that they must be improvised.
  • Over all, the game gives a wonderful experience to the users.

Characters of Pascal’s Wager:

  • Miner
  • Predator
  • mother
  • Butcher
  • Midwives
  • Spearman
  • Skeleton
  • Lizard
  • Knight
  • Deer
  • Sanctifier
  • Clown

main characters:

  • Viola
  • Terrence
  • Norwood
  • Benita
  • Jerold

 Taxonomy of Pascal’s Wager game:

  • Modes: single player
  • Pacing-Real Time
  • Perspectives – Third person
  • Controls: Direct control
  • Genres: Action, RPG
  • Art styles – Stylized
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