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Are you starting to get bored? Be a part of an elite community and interact with many interesting people online. And for this purpose, the app called Parler, a “social interacting app “can help you.

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About Parler

parler app is the best platform to explore the thoughts and opinions of different people.

Parler app is the best platform to explore the thoughts and opinions of different people. You can interact with them socially and share your thoughts on some relevant topics that you like. Nowadays, there are different social talking communities, and their apps are available. But with the parler app, you can interact and talk not only publicly but also individually.

This app has millions of users already, and it is still growing to be the best social talking app. This is the platform where all users can freely share their thoughts and opinions on whatever topic they like. If you want to talk? Then login to this app and immediately share your thoughts. Anybody can become your quick-talking companion in this app. This application is also used by famous VIP celebrities, who can inspire you with their hard work and thoughts.

There are different types of community groups and fan clubs in this app, of which you can be a part of any group. You will get to enjoy the company of the same-minded people as you are. If you find someone interesting or think your bond can get stronger by being friends, you can talk to them privately on calls.

Download the parler app after reading the reviews. From our article, you will get all the info about the parler app, including how to use the parler app? and what is parler app? This app has great conservatives, memes, news, and updates. Download Parler for free (for android) and add interesting friends.


Main features

parler app - 3 new feature screenshots

Share thoughts & learn

You can share your thoughts in this app on any topic, and you will get an instant reply. Other users will also share their opinion on whatever topic they want. You will always get to learn something new and different on this app. Prove your point of view by sharing your thoughts on some topics. And it is guaranteed that you will get to hear something unexpected with this app.

Speak freely

No one can stop you from proving your point; share your topic in this app. And speak freely about what you like and what you dislike. There are no biases in this app that you can face while speaking. This platform is only made for the users to feel what freedom of speech feels like. You can also share your thoughts on neutral topics like your life experiences and the hard work you have done to achieve something.

Prove your point

By sharing your thoughts in this app, you can prove your knowledge. You can prove your point of view on any topic you know best. The crowd will also help you if you are in the place. To share your thoughts in this app is not about just talking, and you have to tell that you are skilled and knowledgeable. And if the people like what you share, they can share your posts and support you.

Get updates

With the Parler app, you can get updates about news, sports, events, festivals, and many more. Read the different types of news to increase your knowledge and get a good idea of what’s currently going on. These updates can be about any topic like finance, technology, sports, natural anomalies, and many more. This app is generally the fastest news spreader also.


Unique features

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  • Explore media – you can explore the media content like videos and photos in this app for entertainment and increase your knowledge.
  • Customize profile – set your profile pic and your name and show your likes and dislikes in the descriptions.
  • Share and vote – you can share the thoughts and opinions of different users you like. Also, please give them the vote to show your support.
  • Privacy settings – choose whether to make your profile and posts public or private.
  • Notifications – quick notifications are another feature of this app, and you can customize your notifications’ priority levels.

Why Parler apk?

parler app - thought sharing community ss.

Parler apk is the best free-to-use and thought-sharing community app. You can find multiple sharing platforms on which you can enjoy talking. Update your knowledge and mindset about the different things. You will get an amazing entertaining time in this app if you explore the videos and photos in this app. The experienced people share these posts on this app who share their posts to share their experiences. Ethics are the main focus in this app, so the users always side with the right one.

You can start different types of debates in this app to get the real thoughts of the users and write the different reports. Make your profile and post public or private as there are advanced security systems. Only verified users can register with this app, so there are no worries for the fake people. Customize the themes and texts of this app according to your preferred settings.


  • Easy to use
  • Free thought sharing and knowledge grabbing platform
  • Interesting people to talk to
  • Get updated every time
  • Engage with people in debates to solve your doubts


  • Sign up process is a bit lengthy
  • Assistance from the app’s developer is almost negligible
  • Sometimes apps get crashed without reason

Unique features

  • Ads-free experience
  • Get VIP mark

Other resources

parler app - phone image with logo.

  1. Wikipedia link
  2. Official site of the app.

FAQ’s about Parler App

parler app - world town square.

How to use parler app ?

Watch the full tutorial info on how to use parler app:


What do people like about the Parler mod apk?

It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface
Very secure and has high privacy features
Get updates on any topic or subject in the world
Discuss and debate as much as you want
Free to download and use

What do people hate about the Parler mod apk?

Sign up process takes too long
Site sometimes lag
Overcrowded as the freedom of speech is working

What is the official site for the parler app?

The link for the official site is

How to download parler app ?

You can download the parler app from our site popularapk. Just search for the app and click on the download button it is very easy

Is parler app for free ?

Yes, the parler app is free to use.

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