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Want to play some simple mind games, which give you excitement and train your intelligence? There are tons of games in the google play store but we found you a simple game that is easy to play but hard to master. To know more about the paper fold app, read the following article and download the paper fold mod apk from our website by following some simple instructions given below.

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About Paper Fold Mod Apk

Play the exciting levels in Paper Fold mod apk.

Paper fold is a simple game where you have to fold paper by following some simple steps and making some figures like cats or other animals. You only have to fold the papers and make the figures. The interface and gameplay of the game are just simple, just tap to fold. It will help to relax the mind and bring peace to the daily hectic schedule. You can play it anywhere while traveling by bus or going to college.

The graphics of the game is in 3D form. It helps to see the simple differences in the figures which helps in identifying the figures correctly to solve them easily. You should also be careful while folding it as many times folds cover others and make it more complicated. The game is divided into different levels.

The difficulty of the game keeps on increasing if the previous level is cleared completely. The paper fold game gives you access to the vast library of puzzles. Download the paper fold mod apk to earn some edge in the game. Users will get unlimited lives or chances in it with no frustrating ads to hinder your experience.


It has simple controls.


The interface of the game is clean and simple. Controls are just taps on the screen. The graphics it provides are in 3D form to give the all-over idea of the figures and puzzles to solve.

Mod apk

  • Download the paper fold mod apk to get some extra lives and clear from the frustrating ads.
    Paper fold puzzle
  • The puzzles in the game require a good mind to crack. It helps you with creative reasoning skills and problem-solving skills.


  • The game is simple and the interface is quiet. No complex controls confuse the mind.
  • A good puzzle game helps sharpen the mind.
  • Relaxing and quite entertaining.


  • The levels of the games repeat many times. You will get bored solving the same level many times.
  • The ads are very frustrating. It is all 30 sec long.

Important links

It has simple controls.

Visit the following link of the google play store and read the reviews regarding the paper fold app.

Watch the following YouTube video to watch the gameplay of the game:

FAQs about paper fold

Each level has unique image in Paper Fold mod apk. Fold the colorful pictures.

Who are the developers of the game?

The developers of the game are good job games. They are popular for developing puzzle games for smartphone devices. Some of the games they made are Zen match, sponge art, epic race 3D, and many more.

How to get paper fold mod apk?

Download the game from the google play store using the link given above or game download the paper fold mod apk from our website by following the simple instructions given.

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