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Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications on your phone. It is the first app you get on your device for the first time. There are so many features in WhatsApp which make it irreplaceable. So we brought you the different version of WhatsApp which provides you the network of the original WhatsApp but with a new interface and more features. Read the following article to know more about the OG whatsapp and download it with the use of the instructions given below. Download OG Whatsapp Apk by pressing the download button on this page.

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About OG Whatsapp Apk

you can view the mulitple chat options in og whatsapp mod apk.

OG whatsapp is the version of the original WhatsApp developed by Facebook. Though it is developed by third-party developers not Facebook, the privacy features and services it provides are not any less than the original. All your contacts in WhatsApp will show on OGwhatsapp. You can message them and they will receive the text in their original WhatsApp only. You can text anyone on WhatsApp or choose to text them at a scheduled time fixed by you. This is very useful when your friend has their birthday the next day and you are too tired to be awake till midnight to say happy birthday.

There is another version of WhatsApp available on the internet with tons of new features. But there is a risk of being banned by the original developers of WhatsApp. In OGwhatsapp this problem has been sorted out by its developers. You can use it however long you want to keep your profile. There are many restrictions like you can send only 90 images, have to add a number in your contact list before messaging or calling any new number, or can only add a certain number of people in the group.

Since it is a version of the original WhatsApp, it is not available on the google play store. You have to download it from any website on the internet. Using OGwhatsapp will give you a new experience. People had been bored by the conventional WhatsApp. Same in all these years. This app gives you many new features and gives you an upper hand over all other users of WhatsApp. It has every reason to give it a try. Try and tell your friends about it.


customize settings in this app easily.

Scheduled messaging

There are many times when you want to send a message at a particular time and want to schedule the message at that time. With OGwhatsapp you will get that freedom. It is a very helpful feature when you want to wish somebody on his birthday at a particular time.

Sickers, emojis

There are a ton of emojis and stickers available in this version which you will not get in the original. You can send new stickers which can be downloaded from the websites. You can also privately message anyone on a group chat and pin a maximum number of messages in the chat.


The best feature of the OGwhatsapp is the customization of the interface with interactive new themes. There is a full library of new themes in the setting option of the app. You can choose anyone from those themes. Each theme is unique in itself and provides a new excitement.

Other features

showing og whatsapp mod apk official icon.

  • Voice can be recorded without the need to keep on tapping the recorder button.
  • Groups can be described which will appear over every group just like other applications.
  • While clearing the chat messages can be filtered.
  • There are similar other features available in this version of WhatsApp.


  • Can be used just like the original WhatsApp. With all the contacts of your WhatsApp messages through it also.
  • All-new themes make it more interactive and exciting.
  • A scheduled message is available.
  • The new set of emojis, stickers, gifs are available. Users can also add them more by
  • downloading from its vast library.
  • Users can send images with edited annotations


  • Isn’t available on the google play store because it is a unique version.
  • Downloading from third-party websites can be risky
  • There is a chance that your account will be banned by WhatsApp if your got caught.


Are there any similar applications just like OG whatsapp?

  • There are many applications just like it.
  • All of them are the unique version of WhatsApp which provides some extra features more than the original WhatsApp.
  • Apps like pinkWhatsapp, GBwhatsapp are the unique version of the original WhatsApp.

How to get the app?

  • You will not get the app from the google play store. So download it from any website on the internet.
  • You can also download the app from our website. It is safe and secure to download the app from here.
  • Download the app by clicking on the download button at the end of the article.
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