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If you are looking for an excellent AR platform, you can create a video with a blend of both physical and virtual elements. Then Octi apk is definitely for you. Read in detail about this app and its features in the article below.

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use short entertainig videos and short animations.

Octi apk is one of the most popular AR platforms, which has many unique and amazing features for you. With this app, you can create videos with various objects and scenes. Otis has a community of intelligent creators from all around the globe. Like the other social media apps like tiktok and Snapchat, you get daily entertainment dose and the innovative AR feature. With your imagination and its spectacular filters, you can create some stunning videos that may become popular. Unlike the other apps, it provides you with a fantastic feature in which you use various objects and create videos in scenes from your favorite movies. Octi iOS app is available on the apple store.

This app is the future of the social media apps in which you will get multiple NFTs and enter the metaverse. With AR features, you can play with various objects in the metaverse. You can bring your inner artist to this app and create amazing videos. You can earn octi digital coins and purchase physical goods like shoes, makeup, clothes, and many more. Already more than thousands of users are creating unique artworks on this app. You can download the latest version of the octi apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

view the profiles of talented video makers with octi mod apk.

Enter the metaverse

With this app, you can create your avatar and explore the metaverse. As you know, the new era of the metaverse is coming, and many creators are designing various virtual objects. Metaverse is a network of 3D Virtual worlds which aims to connect people from all over the world. It is the world’s first augmented reality social platform in which reality emerges with the metaverse. It is the future of social media apps. Unlike tik tok and Snapchat, it doesn’t have any ads.

Social media and NFTs

You must have heard that the Market of NFTs is growing day by day, and many collectors are showing their interest in NFTs. So octi apk allows the users to share their NFTs to the online platform, which anyone can use for free. This app not only helps you to create your nfts but also promote them. There are various stunning filters and colorful backgrounds which you can use, and you can try all the filters one by one and create some incredible videos.

Earn digital coins

Unlike any other social media app, octi apk also gives you a chance to win digital coins. You can earn digital coins for every like and appreciation for your videos and content. And these digital coins are not just fake coins. With them, you can buy digital items. You can use all these digital items in the metaverse. You can also purchase physical products like shoes and clothes from your favorite brands.

Impressive UI

To make the user experience more comfortable and flexible, the octi apk has a very user-friendly interface. It is designed and intuitive for anyone to use. With its intelligent face recognition feature, this app can automatically form a digital avatar just like. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this app. Just follow the guidelines at the start then you will quickly understand this app works. All the options have a clear description for your convenience.

Unique features

  • It has highly adventurous AI.
  • You can use various stunning filters.
  • There are no irritating ads to watch.


use hundreds of objects and make your videos more amazing.

How to use Octi?

If you want a full explanation, then watch this video:

What is the Octi app?

Octi is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform. In simple terms, Octi is an advanced animation tool you can use to create an animated reality world. Create your scenes by using objects available in the app. Make your open dream world. With your brilliant performance, you can earn octi coins.

Who owns octi?

Justin Fuisz is the founder and CEO of octi.

How can you earn coins in Octi?

You will have to create engaging and quality video content to earn octi. You will earn coins for as long as the viewers stay to watch it.

Is Octi available for android?

No, the android version of Octi is not available to download.

Why install octi apk?

With the significant growing popularity in social media, octi apk has become the top AR platform. This app is the future of social media apps and aims to combine online creators with the new metaverse world. With this app, you can create some unique videos with a blend of both virtual and physical elements. There are many colorful filters and backgrounds that you try in your videos. You can create your avatar and explore the new metaverse with its face recognition feature. You can form several virtual 3D objects and play with them in the metaverse. Octi even provides you with a platform to create and promote your NFTs with other users. You can cut digital coins for every like and appreciation to find various virtual items in the active shop. So download and create spectacular videos.

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