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Do you like to customize your home screen with cool launchers and widgets? If yes, we can suggest the best home screen replacement app for android devices. That app is called Nova Launcher. Please read the complete article to know all its benefits. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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Nova Launcher apk is one of the most feaṭured and cool-looking home screen customization apps. This launcher can completely change the monotonous appearance of the home screen and make it advanced-looking. This app can work best for users who do not like the default look of their android device. They can use this app to change their android home screen’s look completely. You cannot only change the default functions, but you can also customize the apps that are downloaded by your choice.

  • App drawer style can be changed and made more stylish with this app.
  • You can change the icon size, shape, and style. As for the other icons, you can add as many icon packs as you want.
  • Because the nova launcher supports almost all the icon pack apps available in the play store.
  • Add valuable and cool-looking widgets that make the work easier.
  • You can use this app for appearance purposes only, but you can also improve your device performance with this app.
  • This application comes with a storage cleaner, and ram booster features to boost the device performance.

Main features

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App drawer

This home screen optimizing app provides the best look to your android device. You will get the most incredible app drawer functions to use. Additionally, You can open the app drawer in the horizontal or vertical direction as you like. Also, You can customize your app drawer to open with different types of special effects. These effects create special effects like diamond patterns, ghost patterns, and many more. They make the app drawer feature more advanced and cool-looking.

Custom icon packs

Nova launcher already comes with the most beautiful and high-quality animated icon packs. But if you think that it is not enough, you can download and add as many icon packs as you want. There are many different types of icon packs that this app supports. Almost every icon pack is compatible with this app.

Icon and widget positioning

You can perfectly apply the different icons packs and cool widgets to your home screen. This app has advanced subgrid positioning features. You can take the help of the grid cells to better position the icons and widgets on the home screen. This feature makes this app very useful and advanced to use. You will get the most accurate and best layout of the icons and widgets.


This app works smoothly and is simply amazing when you pull out the notification panel or app drawer. Animations provided by this app feel very impressive and make stunning special effects while using your device. Even the old phones can handle awesome with the smooth animations. You can also customize these animations and set them according to your liking.


Why nova launcher apk?

phone settings on a bar.

Nova launcher prime is the most advanced android home screen customization app. It also comes with performance-optimizing features to boost the performance of your device. You can change your phone’s inner look completely with this app. Customize your app icons and app drawer style with one click and make your phone more advanced-looking. Set the dark theme, and not only will your phone’s look change, but it will also protect your eyes from bright colors.

You can also hide some of your applications that you want no one to access. Add as many icons as you want as this app supports all icon packs from the play store. The collection of widgets in this app is incredible and makes your work very easy. Create the backup of your data and restore it with a single click. This feaṭure makes it very easy to change your mobile. With the apk, some of the most advanced features are unlocked, like gestures, app hiding options, scrolling effects, and much more.

Unique features

  • Dark and light themes are available in this app if you choose to use them.
  • Nova launcher gives you the benefit of creating an easy backup and restoring your phone. You can change phones quickly, and there is no need to worry about your data loss.
  • You can even change the icon size and icon label type of the apps.
  • An incredible collection of widgets is installed on your phone when installing this app.
  • Phone optimization becomes very easy with the performance-boosting feature of this app.


  • Stylish icons to customize your app icons
  • Use a phone with amazing animations
  • Create backup and restore with one click
  • Performance of the android devices is boosted.
  • Hide apps that you want that no one should access.

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how nova launcher mod apk looks inside phones.

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FAQ’s about Nova Launcher Prime

How to hide apps in the nova launcher?

Watch this video to learn how to some tricks of the nova launcher and how to hide apps in it:


Nova launcher backup location?

Backup location of nova launcher is phone storage -> “data/com.teslacoilsw.launcher/backup folder”

Alternatives for nova launcher?

CMM Launcher
XOS Launcher
Apex Launcher
Pixel Launcher
ADW Launcher 2

Is the nova launcher safe to use?

Yes, the nova launcher is very much safe to use.

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