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Do you want to play an action-intrinsic game with excellent graphics and great control? If your answer is yes, we bring you a great RPG game called Ninja ryuko. Carve shadow fighter’s path to vengeance in an unmatched adventure to end injustice. A great gaming experience with a fantastic storyline. Play the ninja ryuko apk with its different game modes and share the game with your friends.

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Get awesome characters in the game.

Ninja ryuko apk is the best third-person Japanese RPG game that you can get to play on your smartphone. The game has fantastic graphics and a great storyline. The game is based on an exiled warrior, ryuko, who returned to his native land after 20 years. He sees a destroyed home and corrupt land. The darkness of Kurome destroyed what their clan tried to protect at the cost of their lives. Now, it is your duty to save your motherland and save it from the monsters. This game combines samurai, ninja, and typical fighting elements to make an incredible game. There are five corrupted regions with monsters and assassins looming everywhere. You have to move to kill the bosses without getting into unnecessary trouble.

The game provides 3D graphics and many skills and abilities of the warrior. Perform combo attacks, evade, and fight whatever is necessary. There will be incredible missions in the game, and you will get good rewards for completing these missions. Use these rewards to open new skills, weapons and new missions. The graphics of the game are too good for a mobile game. It levels to the console games, and the best part of the game is that you can enjoy it in offline mode. There are many game modes where you can play one-on-one fight games or go for open-world missions.



Great graphics and weapons.

There are great 3D graphics in the game. The level of graphics is similar to any console-level game. The interface and control of the games are accessible. Anyone can play the game easily. The game has a great storyline where you will role-play the life of an estranged warrior who returned to his place and got rid of the bad, corrupt guys. The game is set in medieval japan.

Open world game

Ninja ryuko apk is an open-world action-adventure game where you will encounter shadow ninja warriors. Uncover the hidden beauty of Europe. The open world feature will let you roam around the places and interact with other people in the game. Master the shadow tactics to eliminate threats and involve unnecessary problems in the game. There are five regions in the game that you can roam around. Black Eye Fortress, Creek Garden, Mangle Woods, Deserted Castle, and Ministry Town. Each region has its own set of enemies you’ll fight and, ultimately, a boss.

Weapons and abilities

Easy to use controls.

In the game, by using game rewards, you can unlock many different weapons and abilities that you can use in the game. There are also many hidden chests in the game that you can collect. There are different types of swords, from long to short one. Each weapon lets you use different types of combo attacks.

Pros and cons


  • The game has excellent graphics and a great storyline.
  • In the game, you will role-play ryuko, a ninja warrior who will save his mother’s land.
  • The controls are easy to use. You can customise the control according to your needs.
  • You can roam and interact with other game characters in an open-world mode.


  • Some bugs need urgent heed. There are problems while running and sprinting in the game.
  • The game gets stuck in some of the boss missions.
  • There are lots of ads in the game.

Other information

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What are some similar games like ninja ryuko?

Some similar games are ninja’s creed, ninja hero, dark sword 3, shadow fight, shadow of death, and others.

How to get the game?

Download the ninja ryuko apk from this site by following the steps given above in the article.

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