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How many hours do you spend on YouTube daily? If you are someone who gets trapped while watching YouTube shorts or like getting your daily dose of entertainment on this massive video-sharing platform, then trust me, NewPipe is the app for you.

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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What Is NewPipe?

newpipe also works as music player.

See, if you want to enjoy what’s called a premium YouTube experience then you should download the NewPipe apk. NewPipe is a free-to-use YouTube client, of course, an open source, which allows users to enjoy the premium features of this world’s largest video-sharing platform.

Neither NewPipe uses YouTube API nor Google’s services to operate, it only parses the information provided on YouTube to get the data it needs. And that’s how it can function marvellously on your device without the support of any Google service.

Moreover, no login or sign-up is required, neither you have to pay for using premium services, you can just enjoy watching YT Videos with no time limit. So to conclude the main function of NewPipe we can say, it lets the users enjoy YouTube videos with premium features for free, that includes- ads free content, background play, offline support, downloading mp3 files of any video, and more.

Here are The NewPipe Supported Platforms

YouTube– As you, all know this platform doesn’t need any introduction. World’s largest video-sharing and streaming platform. It’s a giant library of videos where there is entertainment, gaming, educational, comedy, drama, etc, based on content to watch. And NewPipe apk lets you watch YouTube with all the premium features for free.

PeerTube– It’s not a video-sharing platform, it’s a tool through which users can create their video-sharing platforms. PeerTube was developed by a non-profit organization called Framasoft. So, NewPipe can allow you to download videos from every single video-sharing platform built through PeerTube.

SoundCloud– A platform where people can share their original music content and others can listen, stream on different platforms, and share. Anyone on SoundCloud with good taste and talent can become a music artist by uploading their content so that others can enjoy it. Fans can follow their artists to never miss their new creations. And NewPipe helps you download every single song that you want from SoundCloud.

Bandcamp– NewPipe apk can also let you download any file you want from Bandcamp. Same as SoundCloud, Bandcamp is a music-sharing platform where music artists can share their creations and fans can follow them back to show support. There’s an artist of every taste on this platform that creates the best records that suit every mood.– This platform is a massive library of educational video collections and yes you can use NewPipe to save them all.

Main Features of NewPipe

bookmark and save videos for next time wathing.

Download Every YouTube Video

If you have NewPipe up your sleeves you can download any video from the world’s largest video-sharing platform YouTube. The method to download is very easy and takes two or three clicks per video. There is no cap on how many videos you can download and range from 144p to 4k, you can download videos of any quality.

Enjoy Videos With Background Play

This app can let you play YouTube videos in the background. Before the NewPipe apk, this was not possible as it’s the premium feature of YouTube and the platform charges a subscription fee for it. This will let you perform multitask to operate other applications while listening to the videos. Ultimately, you will not be bound to open YT at the front the whole time to listen to your favorite videos.

Ads Free Video Streaming

YouTube these days has become a Sun radiating ads all over the platform. Even if a video is not monetized it shows ads. Moreover, if your channel is not considered under YouTube Partner Program, even then YouTube can show ads. You can only avoid ads if you purchase a YouTube premium. But with NewPipe you get this feature for free. Watch amounts of content without any ads appearing on the screen.

Popup Player- To Play Video In Small Window

Popup Player is a hotcake feature of any application related to video streaming. It’s most demand and comes without saying, in all new apps. Popup Player allows users to stream any video in a small floating window during which they can multitask and use other applications while watching their favorite content. So, after finding NewPipe has a feature like this your need to download it has increased just now.

Simple & Intuitive User Interface

You see, users don’t want to get stuck with labels and complex language. Everyone likes the applications when things go smoothly. In the case of NewPipe, its user Interface and app design are what make it so much more satisfying. Smooth transitions and animations make this app very responsive to encourage users to open this app and make swipe every time they want to download their favorite files from YouTube.

Enhanced Privacy

User data is not recorded, no login is required and no registration is needed to use the NewPipe apk. This app doesn’t use any proprietary Google APIs. Moreover, users can decide which type of data this app can keep. Also, everything sent or received is stored on the device.

Is Available And Managed In 105 Different Languages

NewPipe supports 105 different languages. So, users from different types of countries can have access. This app is designed with the purpose to serve the globe, not any particular sovereign state. So, you can use this app in your native language to download any video and save it offline.

Open Source With Source Code On GitHub

NewPipe is best when it comes to new features. It’s an open-source application of which the source code is available for free on GitHub so dozens of users contribute their vision constantly to this app. If you want this app to have new capabilities then just don’t wait for the developer, create new for yourself. Solve a problem in multiple possible ways. Also, you can download NewPipe from F-Droid to get more and more FOSS apps.

The good and the Bad

use newpipe app to play youtube videos in background


  • Small and fast app. Interface similar to youtube.
  • Everything is stored offline. So no worries about data transferring to different locations online.
  • Contains all features of youtube. No need to sign up through Google services to use these features.
  • Can subscribe, like, or comment without any google account.
  • Can download videos or audio of any video. Very useful in downloading songs from the youtube
  • You can use external video players to stream videos in this app, which makes it very good. You can use the features of any external video player to experience youtube.
  • Users can use it in the background or by closing the phone screen. It helps reduce battery drainage of the phone or listen to music videos.


  • Not available in official app stores of android or IOS for obvious reasons.
  • Need to download it from third-party websites, which can be risky for viruses and malware

Important links

All NewPipe Related How To’s

How To Download NewPipe?

  • First, go to this link
  • Then click on Download.
  • You will be directed to the download page.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the countdown to complete.
  • Then click on download to get the file.

How To Install NewPipe?

  • After downloading the NewPipe apk file.
  • you can either open the browser->download-> click on the file to install.
  • Or you can go to file manager->downloads-> and click on downloaded apk to install.
  • Next, your file will either start installing right away or will ask permission to install from outside sources.
  • You can grant permission by following the instructions.

How To Update NewPipe?

  • To update NewPipe first launch the app.
  • Then click on the three-dot menu given on the left corner of the screen.
  • Then click on ‘settings-> updates-> then ‘check for updates.
  • If your app is updated then you will see the same message or the app will start downloading the new version.

FAQs about NewPipe

watch videos from youtube and other platforms without ads

Who are the developers of the newpipe app?

It is developed by team newpipe. They develop utility apps mostly for android devices.

Are there any other applications like newpipe?

The most popular alternative to the newpipe is youtubevanced. But similar to the newpipe it is also not available easily. Also, Vanced project has been officially discontinued.

How to download the app?

You need to download it from any third-party website as it is not available in the google play store for obvious reasons.
You can download it from its official website linked above or download it directly from our website by clicking the download button at the end of the article.

Is newpipe legal?

Of course, NewPipe is legal, there is no doubt about it. It’s just an open-source video streaming and downloading application. Being a free YouTube client it allows you to get any video or audio file from the world’s largest video-sharing platform.

Is newpipe safe?

Yes, the NewPipe apk is safe to use. This app does not record or collect any type of sensitive information from users. Just send and receive the channel and video info from websites to download. So, there is no privacy, financial, or security threat from this app if you are downloading from official sources and trustworthy third-party sites like Popularapk .com.

Does Newpipe block ads?

Yes, this application blocks all the ads while you browse, stream and download YouTube videos from any video-sharing platform. Moreover, all the premium features of YT can be experienced by using NewPipe.

What is NewPipe used for?

NewPipe, mostly the users, utilise it for streaming and downloading YouTube videos while using premium features. This app allows everyone to watch YT videos with background play, ads free and in pop up view for feature. Where YouTube provides these features on subscription basis it allows users to enjoy them for free.

Can NewPipe download YouTube videos?

Yes, NewPipe allows users to download YouTube videos to save them offline. Download method is very easy, you just have to open the video you want to download and then select on share->NewPipe-> select quality and click on download.

Is NewPipe better than YouTube Vanced?

Yes, first of all, YouTube Vanced or YT Vanced is discontinued. Download links no longer work. So, what’s left is other options like NewPipe. Secondly, even if Vanced was still operational, NewPipe had still won. Because NewPipe has been around more than Vanced and does not only allow you to download YT videos but also allows users to enjoy background play, ads free content, and watching videos in pop up view.

Does NewPipe support 4K?

Yes, this app cannot only stream videos in 4K but can also let you download them in 4k, 2k, 1080p, 72p and more. NewPipe will let you download any video from the largest video sharing platforms with one click. Streaming features are also awesome, they offer ads free content with background play.

What is better than NewPipe?

Well, this app is particularly the favourite of millions as it has premium quality but there are still hundreds of its alternatives that you can try. The most serious, official and legit alternatives of this app are YouTube free and YouTube Premium.

Can NewPipe download MP3?

Along with 4k downloading, NewPipe supports and downloads MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, etc. With its in-built browser you can search for content you want and download it with the efficient download manager it has. Before downloading the files you can rename them, choose whether to add captions, change the resolution and switch between formats.

How to open youtube in newpipe?

It’s simple, you don’t have to open YouTube in NewPipe, it’s opened by default. All the videos that you will see or stream after opening the app are on YouTube. However, you can select the three-dot menu-> YouTube (drop-down menu). You will see multiple websites to switch to, click anyone you want to download the content from.

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