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NearFi Apk is a location-based communication app that is supported by both Android and iOS. Users can post their genuine queries and updates here and people nearby can read and respond to them. You can discover new people, places, and things happening around you, wherever you go by the use of your location through NearFi.

This article will give you an overview and present you with all the pros and cons of the app so you can decide for yourself why to prefer NearFi over other popular messaging apps.

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About NearFi Apk

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NearFi allows you to post queries, thoughts, interests, or announcements in the app for people nearby you to read and respond to them. Generally, other communicating apps allow you to communicate with people you already know or might know, but through NearFi you can converse with people around you through your location, they may be your known neighbors or people that have lived down the street without you knowing each other.

You can download the apk of the NearFi app from this page itself and enjoy various new features. And discover new people and increase your friend circle.

It allows you to adjust the distance according to yourself within which people can access your post or vice-versa. Amidst pandemics, it can be really helpful to get updates on things happening around you.

Direct messaging and replying to someone is also an additional feature included.


you can search for the posts near you.
  • You can connect with people with similar interests and hobbies as yours and form tribes all around the world.
  • Queries or emergency updates can be highlighted through color variations.
  • Green- Refers to general queries in a location.
  • Orange-Indicates favors like finding a lost pet, keys, or borrowing a charger.
  • Red-Indicates emergency Alerts in a location, so you can get immediate help from people nearby or warn them of possible miss happening.
  • You can respond to posts using your name or you can choose to act anonymously.
  • For your privacy and protection, your Location is not revealed to any other apps.
  • Distance for any post is adjustable as per your requirements.

Positive feedback of the app

  • NearFi Apk is a good app at times when there is an emergency to seek help.
  • It has a very standard and basic interface which makes it easier to use for people of all ages.
  • Privacy and data-collection/location is protected so users can feel safe and carelessly post.
  • Your different posts and subscriptions are categorized so you can search through them later if you like.
  • A Metric system is assigned for your reputation based on the number of posts you post or respond to them.

Negative feedback of NearFi Apk

  • It’s not advertised a lot, so not many people know about it and it doesn’t have a very large number of users.
  • Feeds are not updated with the time, so one might face difficulty differentiating between recent and older posts.
  • Need a few cosmetic changes and a few features that should be added like an option to DM to a person in comments, the option to change the font size, change color themes in it as it’s too bland right now, and the need to fix the bug of Dark mode.
  • Location Radius level should be provided which covers almost Whole CITY. Because of less number of downloads, it is very difficult to get people within around 2000 meters radius. Even at a greater radius, the app loses its purpose.

Important Links

Youtube video showcasing how to use the app:

Most asked Questions

reach for the other users using nearfi mod apk
you can see the other networks around you.

What’s new in Latest Update?

NearFi Apk new version includes performance improvements and bug fixes and a brand new feature that is to reach out to people.
You can leave your reviews about the app or article below or you can contact App Developers through their Email [email protected]. If you have questions or comments about your privacy rights in the app, you can email at [email protected].

Can someone find out about me if I respond to their post?

Your original name and location are visible to other users if you have enabled it but you can also choose to act anonymously.

Can Android and iOS users also communicate with each other?

Yes, it doesn’t matter which operating system you are using, you can communicate with each other.

Why should I prefer this app over Whatsapp or Instagram?

Whatsapp or Instagram only enables you to contact people that are in your friends or your contacts but in NearFi you can communicate to anyone even a total stranger through your location and even ask for immediate help from someone around you.

Who has developed this application?

This app is developed and managed by teen Studios.

Is NearFi Apk safe and secure?

Yes, the file provided by us is safe and does not contain any sort of malware. For further authenticity, you can test it yourself by scanning the app on the virustotal website (Free).

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