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Do you love taking care of plants? Let’s take a real-life situation. Imagine you have bought your favorite flower plant at your home. But now you’re struggling with watering and taking care of it. Because in reality, not all of us are botany experts. As you always try your best to take care of it but fail after some time. Now, you don’t need to worry about taking care of them because we have got a NATURE ID APK on this web page only for people like you. To know more about this application and to get this instantly, read the full article and press the download link to get it.

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you can identify any plant with natureid mod apk.

Nature ID Apk Identify plants, flowers, trees & leaves APK is the best app for getting every little information about the floras around you. You are on a walk or traveling, anywhere if you see a beautiful flower. And want to know about its name. Then, just get in the app. Upload a picture there and it will give you the most accurate answer. It will tell you its biological name and common name if any, with its family from where it belongs. You don’t need to get a huge botanical dictionary to find a flower name from thousands and thousands of plants.
Sometimes, people usually seem to struggle to know plants’ names on google. But this app seems to end all your related worries.

Because it just does not tell you the name and family. But also you can set watering schedules and other care timings like fertilizing, rotating, and misting. Besides knowing the name and caring schedules. Besides these, there is a huge problem occurring with plant diseases. You will not easily know anyone who can tell plants problems correctly and hence your plants will end up dying. But to save you from this problem, this app comes with a great feature for diagnosing plant problems. It’s just the game of clicks. You just have to click pictures of the affected parts of the plant and Nature ID Apk will tell you accurately about the disease. If you need any solutions or suggestions about them. You can directly connect to botany experts via the app.


set reminders.


Nature ID Apk has a very simple and easy user interface that even uses it for the first time. You will not have to struggle with different steps and options. Just have to click the image of the plant and upload it on the app. You can upload images from your phone’s gallery or can click directly from the app. Just by uploading an image, you will get detailed information about that specific flower or plant. Its recognition algorithm has been improved to give the most accurate results. It claims to recognize plant species and other information with 95% accuracy.


Sometimes you see plants, flowers, or any usually different leaves anywhere and try to find out about the name. Then, you just have to click its image and instantly know about it. But some of you will be flora lovers too and love growing plants in your backyard or balcony. You can have your virtual card in the app too with images of your plants. By adding your plants in MY YARD, you will have detailed information about your plants, like how much water, fertilizers, and sunlight your plant needs. You can even set schedules in the app as watering time, fertilizing, rotating, and misting.


You don’t need to search in huge botany books about the diseases of your plants. If you see any unusual symptoms on your plant, you just have to get its image clicked and upload it on the app. The app will tell you the most accurate information about the problem diagnosis and you can talk to experts regarding your plant’s health and solutions via the instant app help center.


This is the best feature of this apk that you will get all the amazing features available in the app without paying a single penny. But only if you download Nature ID Apk by clicking the link above. What more can you wish for? You are getting a botany expert to help you take care of your plants for free.



diagnose your plant.


  • Easy to use
  • Personalized virtual yard
  • Care reminders
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Instant Botany expert support
  • Blogs on plants caring tips


  • No overdue option for missed reminders
  • No Southern hemisphere season information
  • For accurate results, photos should be in nice lighting
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