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Are you interested in cocktails but fed up going to the bar every time and lots of money on cocktails? Then my cocktail bar is made for you. That helps you to make your favorite cocktails at home. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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My cocktail bar is the finest and the most loved application among the users. That helps them make their favorite cocktail themselves at their homes. This application consists of hundreds of different recipes of cocktails for which you pay a high amount in the bar. My cocktail bar apk will guide you through the step-by-step procedure that how can you prepare the best cocktail at your home.

  • This app application provides you with a list of ingredients used in making that particular cocktail.
  • And show a list of all cocktail names with their price. My cocktail bar offers you to customize and create your cocktail.
  • You can also post your created cocktail with its recipe on social media that can be seen by millions of other users and can like it, comment on it, or even share it with their friends.
  • Not only alcoholic but it also shows you non-alcoholic options which can be enjoyed by children.
  • My cocktail bar uses the simplest available option so anyone can easily understand it and use it.

Main features

sample of wine details in the app and its recipie

Variety of cocktails

This application will provide you with a variety of cocktails with their recipes. So you can try new cocktails every time. and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Menu personalization

It offers you menu personalization according to your choice and allows you to create your special cocktail. and also you can share your recipe with other users.

Favorite column

This application has a special feature with which you can select your favorite cocktails in a separate column and find them easily among the thousands of other recipes

Video tutorial

Inside the app, it will guide you step-by-step through videos so you can prepare your cocktail like professionals. And save money by not going to the expensive bar.


Unique features

margarita cocktail recipe explained with graphics.

Quality photos – My cocktail bar attracts you with its fine quality of photos of the cocktail gives you the temptation to try them all. And allows you to share your photos of tried cocktails with other users.

Categorizing – This application filters your favorite cocktail recipes on the side menu so you can easily find cocktails of your taste and simultaneously save your time looking for recipes that are not of your taste.

Adding Notes – In place of carrying pen and paper for jotting down some important points, this ail application offers you inbuilt sticky notes so you can note those points on your phone by using the sync feature.

Cocktail details – This application will provide you with the details of the cocktail you are preparing like; where it originated from, what is the base of that cocktail, and what is the main ingredient used in that cocktail.


Why My cocktail bar apk?

margarita variations with accurate ingredients in home.

My cocktail bar apk is the best cocktail-related application that will guide you in preparing your favorite cocktail at your home. This application consists of thousands of different cocktails with their recipe. And allows you to create your cocktails. You can also try new cocktails without having any second thoughts about the taste. Think about how it will be like by reading the reviews of the user who have already tried it.

This provides you with a free subscription and gets updates every week. You can also share your self-created drink with others through this and get their reviews on that. Additionally, You will get details of every cocktail you select to make. Also, You can add ingredients you are having with you. And this application will help you prepare a cocktail with those ingredients.


my cocktail bar guide inro.

  • Try thousands of new cocktails
  • Save your money
  • Provide detailed recipe
  • Share personalized cocktail
  • Easy to understand language

Minor drawbacks

  • A limited selection of mocktails
  • Lacking in categorization
  • Saving issues
  • Loading problem

Unique features

shopping list within the app.

  • Understandable features
  • Free subscription
  • Quality graphics
  • Coincide with notepad


Important sources

my bar logo with blue background.

  1. Play store link of the official application.
  2. Official website containing features, FAQ, about, and contact details.
  3. Support Mail/ Contact Email of the developer- [email protected]
  4. Featured as one of the best bartender apps and cocktails apps for android on Android Authority.
  5. MakeUseOf article featuring My Cocktail Bar Android app in their post on mixology apps.
  6. Learn about the Stats of this app on Appgrooves.


make pro cocktails at home and enjoy.

Positive thoughts of my cocktail bar apk by users?

  1. Provides you variety of drinks
  2. Solution for a cocktail recipe
  3. Helps you organize your bar
  4. Easy to use application

Similar applications like my cocktail apk?

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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