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want to learn your favorite songs and make synchronized videos for tik tok, youtube, instar and many others. if yes then musixmatch is the best app for you to learn lyrics of different songs

Want to learn your favorite songs and make synchronized videos for TikTok, YouTube, Insta, and many others. If yes then MusixMatch is the best app for you to learn lyrics of different songs. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.


musixmatch is the popular and one of a kind song lyrics collection app.

MusixMatch is a popular and one-of-a-kind song lyrics collection app. This app contains a huge collection of lyrics of songs from all over the world. You can use Musixmatch Apk to learn the lyrics of your favorite songs. You can create entertaining lip synchronizing videos for famous platforms like TikTok, youtube, Insta, and others.

If you find any song interesting whether from your or another country, you can just easily learn it. This app will not only show you the lyrics but will help you to learn the perfect pronunciations. This app is very easy to use, you can play the songs and the lyrics will show up instantly. The features of this app will help you to go to karaoke parties, where you have to sing along with the lyrics.

  • The lyrics are shown in different types of languages.
  • You can learn the songs of different countries in your language.
  • This way you will learn different types of foreign languages also.
  • Get familiar with the new languages as Musixmatch Apk will show you the lyrics in different languages.
  • As this app is very easy to use, you can learn to use different features in your unique way.
  • This app can also connect to Android TV and Chromecast to cast the lyrics.
  • From our site, you can download the free pro version apk.


Main features

Lyrics collection

this app has lyrics for almost every song in the world

This app has lyrics for almost every song in the world. This app contains a vast collection of lyrics. You can learn every song you can listen to with this app. As it is very easy to use, this app is very famous for lyric learning. You can learn lyrics and create the perfect synchronized singing videos. And all the lyrics are shown in large font size and with perfect font type.

Streaming apps

musixmatch supports the songs streaming online apps like spotify, youtube, pandora, and many others

This app supports the songs streaming online apps as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and many others. You can learn the lyrics for the songs from all the music streaming apps. Listen to the music from any streaming app and learn the lyrics from this app. You can listen to the wide collection of songs for free and learn the lyrics of your favorite songs easily.

Multiple languages

with musixmatch, lyrics are shown in your preferred languages, you can learn them very easily

The lyrics in this app are shown in different foreign languages. And with this feature, the lyrics learning process will get very much easier. As the lyrics are shown in your preferred languages, you can learn them very easily. And the other advantage is that you can learn new different languages and start to understand them.

Easy navigation

musixmatch mod apk has the most advanced and easy to use search system for the users

Musixmatch Apk has the most advanced and easy-to-use search system for users. You can find your favorite songs very easily and faster. You just have to type the title, artist name, or the first sentence of the song to find it instantly.


Unique features

  1. Smart seek — It is the best option to find any song instantly and learn the lyrics.
  2. Sharing — You can easily share the lyrics of your favorite song with your friends.
  3. Youtube — This app supports youtube videos and it will show you the lyrics for every song. If you play youtube in landscape mode then the floating lyrics will appear while the video is played.
  4. Notifications — This app shows the notifications if the lyrics of any famous songs are out or updated in it.
  5. Floating lyrics — This app will show you the floating lyrics with the easy-to-use widget. You can use any app like youtube to play the video and this app will show you the lyrics while watching the videos.


Why MusixMatch?

supports the online music streaming apps and shows you the floating lyrics with a unique widget.

Many apps can show you the lyrics of different songs. But this app has amazing features other than just showing the lyrics. This app supports online music streaming apps and shows you the floating lyrics with a unique widget. Text can be customized and shown in different sizes and colors.

You can adjust the transparency of texts and can change the viewing effects. As this app has millions of users, it has created a large community of millions. You will get perfectly synchronized lyrics so that you learn word by word while listening to songs. You will get to learn different languages, and you can share the lyrics of the songs with your friends.


  • Easy to use.
  • Shows lyrics word by word perfectly in a synchronized way.
  • It Shows lyrics in different languages.
  • Supports other music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora.
  • Easy to find search system.


  • Users have to add songs one by one to the playlists.
  • This app can’t play the songs on queue.
  • Lagging issues are reported by many users.
  • Some users have reported crashing this app.

Unique features

  • No ads are shown.
  • All features.
  • VIP access and badges.
  • You can save synced lyrics and translations of lyrics for offline use.


Other resources

  1. Official site link
  2. Play Store link of Musixmatch
  3. Wikipedia link 
  4. Official Twitter link 
  5. Official Facebook link



super easy to use lyrics app called as musixmatch

What do some people like about MusixMatch apk?

  1. Super easy to use lyrics app.
  2. The app supports android wear devices.
  3. Lyrics are also displayed on the lock screen.
  4. You can get all the songs info in this app.
  5. There are new languages available for the latest lyrics.

What do some people hate about MusixMatch apk?

  1. The app sometimes crashes.
  2. Sometimes, the app does not connect to android TV.
  3. There are instances where floating widgets fail to show lyrics.

Which is better: Musixmatch or Shazam?

Follow this link to know detailed info on shazam vs Musixmatch.

What are apps like Musixmatch?

  1. Lyrics mania
  2. Genius
  3. Quicklyric
  4. Lyrically
  5. Lyrics Grabber

How to connect Musixmatch with Spotify?

Follow this link and learn how to connect the Musixmatch with Spotify:

How to copy lyrics from Musixmatch?

Read this article to learn how to copy lyrics.


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