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What is a Muscle Booster?

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Muscle Booster is basically a mobile application that facilitates its users in terms of doing workouts and exercises by organizing and setting up customized workout plans and processes where you can also set your fitness goals accordingly.

The Muscle Booster also provides a time frame through which users have benefits to complete their workout over a specific period of time required according to the different kinds of exercises and their methods.

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What is inside the app Muscle Booster?

After the Muscle Booster app download and install completion, when a user opens the app, they need to go through a few formalities like entering their height, weight, and age, which will further help to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the user and also help to choose the best fitness goals accordingly.

After entering all the details that have been asked by the app, Muscle Booster can set a personalized and customized plan according to the individual. Now it is time to go for training and do exercises.

The Muscle Booster app has 400+ videos in it with a huge variety of workouts that become very useful and informative for the user to learn about the different kinds of exercises and routines, nutrition, dumbbells, machines, and other equipment. All of this will help to calm you down.

All these personalized workout plans are created by you just for you according to your fitness needs.

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About the Android version:

  • The complete packaging name of the Muscle Booster app is “muclebooster.workout.home.gym.abs.loseweight”. The license of Muscle Booster is absolutely free.
  • The Muscle Booster app supports all the languages, which include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • The author’s name of the Muscle Booster app is “A.L. AMAZING APPS LIMITED.”
  • The total number of downloads of the Muscle Booster app is 43,386.
  • The size of this app is about 14 megabytes.

Muscle Booster is for whom?

Firstly, the Muscle Booster app is for those who want to go for a body transformation and care about their well-being and physical appearance. These individuals are concerned with their physical fitness and appearance.

The Muscle Booster works as a substitute for a fitness trainer or coach because it assists in such a way that makes no space for any external coach or fitness trainer.

The Muscle Booster is for those who are challenging in their lives and challenging themselves to stay fit and motivated, which will partly and directly help them to achieve their fitness as well as personal goals in their lives.

 Workout plans that Muscle Booster includes:

  • At first, you will get a basic plan, and after that, the app will show your status and calendar.
  • The plans will be revised according to the improvement in the performance and the feedback of the users.

The workout plan includes:

  • Cardio training refers to training that needs zero equipment or no equipment. To participate in this cardiovascular training and exercises, individuals must jump, squat, dip, mountain climber, and jump squats.
  • Wall sits aerobic exercises-This adds on push-ups, crunches, abdominal (abs) work, gymnastics, jump jacks, and other upper body exercises and strength training at home.

What is the specific period of time to achieve any fitness goals?

The time duration or specific period of time taken by any plan from the Muscle Booster app can only be derived by your current fitness status and the fitness level you have selected for yourself.

It also depends on the accuracy and intensity level of your plan to begin with.

Muscle Booster provides various time periods and schedules for their users based on the plan, such as a 30 day fitness challenge, a 20-week transformation challenge, a 60-day body fitness challenge, and many others.

The Muscle Booster allows tracking of the progress level achieved by the user by showing calories level and endurance level in it. It also has many other features that show the full details of the exercises that have been done by the individual.

Gain muscle and lose fat

Muscle Booster Exercises VS Gym Exercises:

You should keep in mind that Muscle Booster allows you to meet up as well as catch up with your expected fitness goals within your comfort zone, which may be your home, farm house, hotel, or anywhere in the world.

In gym workouts, you need to push yourself to get ready for a ride or drive towards the gym every morning that became headache sometimes but most of the ones loves to go gym instead of working out at home. It completely depends on the person to person and their choices/preferences.

Both of the places are fine and have only one motive to make one fit and healthy. Few people make it combine in such a way that they use both like they go to gym 3 day in a week and rest of the day they workout at home.

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