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There are many action-intensive games that you can find in the google play store to play on your smartphone. But many of us don’t want to play those competitive games. So, for them, we brought a simple and expressive game that let you complete some objectives and give you satisfaction while playing. Play the Moy 5 Virtual Pet game in which you must take care of your pet, a moy. There are many things in the game.

Read the following article to learn more about the Moy 5 Virtual Pet.

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this is the official logo of moy 5 virtual pet apk

Moy 5 apk Virtual Pet is the fifth game of the popular virtual pet series. It is now an advanced version of the previous games. It has improved graphics and many new features. In this game, you have to pet and love a virtual pet. There are several games that you will play with him. You will get many rewards by playing and winning the games. You can use these awards to get new things from the store or upgrade your pet. The moy character is a sweet and cute pet who loves you always. He s your best friend and always there for you, just like any natural pet. You will get him to walk, feed him and take care of all his needs.

The game is quite popular in many age groups. People love playing these non-competitive games. There are already millions of downloads in the google play store. The game has many features. You can play multiplayer with your friends. Share the game and play together. There are many minigames in the game itself. You can play it with your moy to win rewards. You can customize your moy with many new outfits and dresses by getting these rewards. You can make your best combinations to make your moy a cool pet. Moy is an adorable pet. You will love the game. If you like the game, share it with your friends and play together.



The gameplay of the game is simple. The graphics look fantastic and gives a feel while playing. In the game, you must take care of your virtual pet, moy. Feed and play with him. You can play with him with other games and win rewards.


pthis is the official logo of moy 5 virtual pet apk

There are many modes in the game. You can play solo or play with your friends. At one time, you can play with the 4-person maximum. Create a clan or join clans with your friends. You can make new friends in the game and chat with them in real-time. A maximum of 50 members can join a clan, but only 4 can play together in one game.

Customize your pet

adopt your pet

The moy is already a perfect pet for anyone. But you can customize its looks to make it more suitable for you. You can try and buy new outfits and dresses for him. More than a million outfit combinations are available in the game store. You can buy them with the help of reward points that you will get by winning the minigames.


feed your pet

There are around 45 minigames in the Moy 5 apk Virtual Pet game. You can play these games with your pet and win crazy prizes and rewards. Your pet loves playing with these minigames, making your bond more robust.

Pros and cons


  • The game is simple, and the controls are easy to understand. There is not much competition in the game. You will like it if you want to play some simple games.
  • You will get your virtual pet in the game. It will love you just like your natural pet.
  • There are some minigames in the game itself. You can play it and win rewards.
  • There is an option of customizing your pet using the outfits in the game.


  • After some time, there is not much you can do in the game. It becomes boring after some time.
  • Some features stop working on their own.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link for the google play store. You can read the reviews and more about the game.


What are other similar games like moy 5 virtual pet?

Some similar games you can find in the google play store are moy 7,6, my chicken 2, Oliver the virtual cat, pet wash, and others.

How to get the game?

You can download the game from the google play store, or you can also get the moy 5 virtual pet apk from this site by following the steps in the article.

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