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Want to make your photo look alive ? Then you come to the right place. We are going to introduce to you an amazing app that makes your stationary pics come alive. This application is called “Motionleap Pro Apk”.

A photo says a thousand words but an animated picture says a million more!

To learn more about the app, read our article for in depth review. To download the app without further ado, find the download button at the bottom of this article to get the pro features of this app for free.


Motionleap Intro

Motionleap pro apk is one of the most popular apps among the photo animation market. With editing pictures into 3D mode to make them move, this app is a powerful photo editor with unique features. Creating motion in a particular area of the picture is one of most used features. Along with this, one also gets filters, video effects for photos, and professional grade tools.

With this app, you can not only edit a picture but also add flare to it making it look like pro editing.

This application also comes with social sharing options. After clicking the perfect picture with animation effects and live filters, you can post them directly to your favourite social media channel. This is great for content creators as they can quickly work on projects and deploy them. Examples include making posters for a brand or handling Social media accounts of the company.



Animated Photos

Motionleap can help you bring another dimension to your still photo

Motionleap can help you bring another dimension to your still photo. With the app’s proprietary algorithm, users can animate certain parts of the photo. Examples include making rain fall on your back in the still photo, moving skies, using dispersing in motion while you are standing still.

This is a great way to re-work your static photos and make them dynamic. With the 3D effects and apps filter library, you can work extensively to enhance an image and make it a hero from zero.

The process of making photos look alive is not only easy, it is also quick. You only have to choose the areas which you want to animate, the app automatically does it for you. You can make the background move while you stay perfectly still in a photo.

Creativity at par

Motionleap helps a creative person work with precision

Since the app has many tools which can be used in competition, it depends on the user’s creativity to how far they can make magic work. With flexibility, the app also has fine adjustments. This helps a creative person work with precision. With the app’s intuitive interface, the adjustments are easy to make and the photo is convenient to edit.

You can either use an in house library of effects, or you can use the layer function of the app to stack up vector images. This way you can make a beautiful piece of art that will be digitally mesmerising.

Overlays and Filters

Anyone in motionleap can make smooth looking effects and add overlays to an image

Adding overlays to images is no doubt an amazing way to enhance content quality. Users can use overlays to add seamless effects over the top on still photos. Be it moving smileys, adding gifs to images or making the clouds rain from above, the possibilities are endless. Anyone in motionleap can make smooth looking effects and add overlays to an image. With this feature, you can make quasi boomerangs and even make gifs from a photo.

With live filters, the photo animator does more. As with using live filters you can add effects and adjustments in the live settings, it gives you freedom of control. The freedom allows you more control over your image quality and frame. The Pro captures you can adjust ISO and shutter speed and add effects to see the magic happen.

Make Digital Art

The background changer in motionleap mod apk is a game changer in the animation industry

As the app has tons of tools, making a masterpiece is not in your hands. With the app’s features like filters and effects, any content creator can make a digital masterpiece with the help of Motionleap pro apk. The transformation of any normal image to an amazing looking photo is easy and quick to make.

Making use of the powerful editor engine of the app helps make digital art which then can be shared among the users. Bring out the artist in you and enhance your creativity with the app’s interface and easy to use UI. The background changer in the app is a game changer in the animation industry which also supports moving images and motion led masterpieces.

Social Sharing

motionleap has great feature which makes posting to social media feeds highly accessibl

This is a great feature which makes posting to social media feeds highly accessible. A user can make story worthy images and post them directly to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and others. Not only this, but the app comes with a format optimizing feature. With this feature you can make Instagram friendly posts in the correct size and format. You can also make story format posts and post it to insta stories. For making facebook complaint posts you can optimize the animated photo that way.

This feature is great for social media handlers of several accounts as by using it, one can post to multiple platforms already optimized.


Why Motionleap Pro Apk

When there are so many tools available in the market, then choose this particular app? Why even write an article on it ?

If you want to know why you should choose this mod apk from a long list then here are some points. Motionleap mod apk has unending art supplies. Anyone who is an artist will appreciate this as they need inspiration which comes from seeing new things.

This app is a very powerful photo editor as with the layering and the overlays, the possibilities to edit an image are endless.

With the social sharing functions, the post is automatically optimized to the best platform format. This makes the app a hassle free solution for creators. Because they do not have to crop, resize and even compress every image, handling multiple platforms for posting becomes easy.



  1. Sometimes the app freezes while animating large images.
  2. Crash reports from several users indicate the possibility of app crashes.
  3. Sometimes quality is lost on exporting the image
  4. Subscription based app with no real freemium subscription


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Pro/Mod Features

Here, you can get the pro version of the app for free. The premium mod version of the app comes with the subscription and the free version is locked. You can download the app directly from here and enjoy all paid features for free. Some of the pro features are –

  • Export option enabled
  • Ad free
  • Pro version unlocked
  • All effects and filters unlocked.


Frequently Asked Questions

Motion Leap pro apk is safe to use

Is Motion Leap pro apk safe to use ?

Yes, the app is completely safe to use. You can further check for an unsafe by uploading them to the virustotal site.

All apps mentioned on popularapk are safe to install and download.

Though popularapk does not guarantee any usage defect, users can download any app with a peace of mind.

What is pixaloop ?

Motion Leap was called pixaloop before. That is the reason you can find the same identical information of this app by two names.

Is the app free ?

The official version of the app is subscription based. But here you can get all hack features for free. You can download and evaluate the app with all pro features that are unlocked.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download, so that your apk download starts well.


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