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Motion Ninja Apk introduction

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Motion Ninja Apk is the most popular professional video editor with unique filters and beauty effects. Videos are vital for everyone because we capture every beautiful moment in our lives with them. And with this app, the users can capture their memorable moments into creative videos.

This video editor is specially designed for users; who love to perform video editing or users searching for advanced video editors. Motion Ninja Apk has many useful professional editing features by which; the users can create the perfect masterpiece. The video editing process of this app is very easy; everyone, whether they are professional or beginner, can perform high-level edits in the videos.

This app contains a vast collection of excellent filters, themes, and special visual effects, by which the users can create Hollywood-style 3D videos. The users can use advanced features like chroma key, pip transitions, keyframe animations, beauty effects, and more like a pro movie editor.

The users can use these videos to show their professional editing skills to their friends; and other people on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and many more. You can use motion Ninja Apk to create beautifully animated stories. Statuses that the users can display on their social media accounts to gather more fans.


Main features of motion ninja

Keyframe and animated video editing

keyfram animation without watermark

This effect is an excellent option for motion videos, and it creates stunning effects that feel like 3D movies. This app has many easy tutorials, by which the users can easily understand to use the keyframe animation features. You can apply these features to texts, video collages, masks, stickers, and audio.


Beautiful picture in picture app

amazing transitions in motion ninja

This app provides a wide variety of pictures in picture masks, which the users can use to make the videos more amazing. With some best variety of animations, the picture in picture effects creates the most stunning level fantasy scenes, like science fiction movies.


Wide variety of animated effects

motion ninja mod apk- special effects with glitch, vhs and more

Motion ninja app has a vast collection of specially designed animated effects. These effects create the most beautiful animated scenes, and the users will feel like they are watching a Hollywood movie. The after-effects in this app are also very impressive and beautiful, like glitch effects, VHS, and many more. Using these effects with this app is super easy, and users can apply them in one click. The users can create fantasy movies like scenes with flames, lasers, and many more. Users can make their custom effects by mixing these beautiful inbuilt effects.


Video speed controlling

motion ninja mod apk- fast and slow motion, show yourself.

With this excellent video editing app, users can easily control the play speed of the videos. The users can control the speed of the videos and music separately and precisely. Motion Ninja Apk users can either create a fast motion video or slow-motion video and apply the excellent cinematic time-lapse effects.


Green screen effects with chroma key

chroma key with ninja mod

The users will get the green screen effect with this fantastic app and the essential chroma function. With both features, the users can create stunning high-quality animated videos and impress their fans and friends by sharing them on social media platforms.


Unique features of Motion Ninja Apk

stock footage in motion ninja mod apk

Motion Ninja Apk has many unique features with stunning high-quality graphics and animated effects. With this app, the users can correct their shapes and enhance their beauty with the beauty effects. This app lets users tone their skin color and correct their red-eye effect.

This app is a professional video editor, and users can trim and cut their videos to create more short videos. And the users can also merge the different small videos to create a more extended time duration video. This app provides handy features like crop, duplicate. The users can also add the music in the videos or extract the songs from the videos.

The users can undo and redo if anything goes wrong while editing the videos. They can use this feature without any restrictions. Motion Ninja Apk also works as the photo slideshow maker, as the users can add the music into videos. And by this, they can create marvelous slideshows. There is a wide variety of video filters in this app, and they can use it to create beautiful special effects.

The brightness and contrast levels in the videos are adjusted automatically. There are 100+ unique stickers, emojis, and 100+ fantastic sound effects. The videos are saved and exported in 720p, 1080p, and 4k resolution.


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