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Want to manage your files and applications easily and automatically ? If yes then Mixplorer Silver apk is the most featured file manager app that you can ever find. Read this article to know its features and benefits.



advanced sorting and filtering with conditions to sort files.

Mixplorer Apk is an advanced file manager app loaded with most convenient tools to manage large numbers of files easily. You can easily differentiate and know the quantities of different types of files that are present in your phone. This app shows each type of file in a separate category like audio, video, apk, documents and many more.

With the help of file managers you can analyze your internal and external storages. So that users can easily determine the free storage space and acquired storage. There are many file managing apps on the internet available for the android platform. But the mixplorer apk is one of the most handy and fully featured file managing apps. This app is the best quality file managing app.

There are very easy to use tools and functions that help the users to access their media and data files quickly. Efficient search system of this app is very convenient and helps you to find any type of specific files by name. You can sort different types of files according to their names, sizes, type and date, so that you can find them quickly. Additionally, You can also manage your files which are uploaded to cloud storages such as dropbox, google drive, mediafire, yandex, one drive and many more.

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Main features

bookmark places and add storage options in the app to access files.

File manager

With this app you can manage the large number of files very easily. Mixplorer apk is the most featured rich file managing app. You can access every type of files very easily just by searching the app. Sort the files in unique ways such as name wise, size wise, date size and time wise. You can separately watch the data of different types of files easily.

Device Scanning

Scan your device deeply with this app to know the details about every single file and app. By scanning your device you will get the detailed analysis report of your storage. How much space is left and how space the apps and files have acquired are known easily by this app. You can see the cache file data and temporary files easily.


This app has multiple functions, out of which there are three main functions like scanning, file managing and trash cleaning. Basically with the file manager this app is also the device cleaner by which you can clear the junk files. Clean up the space and let your device performance get boosted. You can save more device storage which is occupied by the temporary files and cache files.

Smart UI

The user interface of this app is designed with high quality visual effects. User interface of this app makes this app very easy to use. You can access the functions of this app directly without going deep into the menu. Smart notification system will allow you to get the important updates and you will be notified if there will be any problem like large junk files.


Unique features of Mixplorer Silver Apk

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File unzip/zip – with this app you can zip and unzip the multiple types of file formats like tar, zip, rar, and many more.

Copy/move – with the amazing file processing features you can quickly copy or cut the files among internal and external storage.

Customize – customize this app with awesome themes available in many vibrant colors.

Secure – you can secure your files and apps by encrypting it with this app.

Image viewer – this app has an in-built image viewer and image editor.


Why mixplorer ?

each file type is indicated by icon of the type in mixplorer.

As the large number of files are not so easy to maintain and without the help of any file managing app you cannot determine the storage consumption. This app is very easy to use and has all advanced tools to manage your device storage. Copy and move the large files with fast processing speed. Use the encryption feature to secure your files, so that other users cannot access them. In-built image viewer and editor of this app helps you to optimize the images yourself.

You can sort files in a particular manner so that they can be found and used easily. Sort the media files and documents according to their names, size, type and date. Clean your device storage by scanning for the junk files, temp files and many more which occupy the storage space unnecessarily. Mixplorer Silver Apk is safe to install and you will get the latest version of this app.


  • Scans the device for junk and temp. Files
  • Cleans the device storage and free up the space.
  • Easy to use
  • Move and copy large files quickly
  • Manage the different types of files
  • Image viewer
  • Text editor
  • Media player with VLC codecs addons
  • Supports and manages your cloud storage files also like dropbox, Gdrive, one drive and many more.


  • No major issues are there with the Mixplorer app; it is just the perfect file managing app.
  • The size of this app is also very low and you can easily use this app in low battery usage.


Other resources

see apps inside the app to run various task.



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How is this app ? Mixplorer apk Review ?

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How to use Mixplorer apk ?

Watch the video to learn how to use mixplorer:


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Plugin Zin details: MiX Archive v3.5, MiX AutoTag v1.0, MiX Codecs v2.1, MiX Image v2.5, MiX Metadata v1.10, MiX PDF v1.8, MiX Signer v1.2, MiX SMB v2.0, MiX Tagger v1.11


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