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Do you forget to eat your medicines sometimes and suffer health problems afterward? If yes, then we have an excellent android app for you called Medisafe: Pill reminder and medication tracker. This app can be the best solution for your solution. Read this article to know all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder

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Medisafe mod apk is an excellent medication reminder and tracker designed for android devices. This app can work as a personal health advisor for you. It will remind you when you have to take your pill and when you have forgotten to eat. This app is specially designed for middle-aged and older users. It reminds them to eat their essential medicines at times. You can’t remember everything in this busy world if you even want to. Taking daily medication like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, and many more diseases are very important. By medications, only you can control them. If you skip your doses, it will take a toll on your body. Doctors recommend that diabetic and hypertension patients should not miss their meds. But everyone knows at some point they forgot things.

This is where Medisafe mod apk comes to help the patients. If you install this app on your phone, it will remind you to take your meds timely. In this app, you can set reminder alarms for the fixed time daily. Label these alarms with your preferred medicine names so you can remember them immediately. After that, you can also create a list of meds you take; tick the meds one by one which you have eaten. This app makes a record of your daily medicine intake. You can see the calendar in this app to know the details day-wise.


Main features

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Medicine reminders

This app is designed to be a reliable reminder for every user who needs to take medicines daily. With this app, you can set multiple reminders at once. You can label these reminders with your medicine names or other preferred names. They will ring like an alarm, and you can set your favorite tone for these alarms. This reminder app is very reliable, and you can depend on this for your health.

Create and fill records

If you take multiple medicines in a day, then this app can help you by reminding you at the right time to take them. You can create your lists for the number of meds you take, and when you eat them one by one, you can mark the number of medicines you have taken. This way, you can remember and create a perfect record of which drugs you have eaten and which you have not.


You can create your medical logbook with this app. This logbook will contain all your data on the medicines and treatments. With this, you will benefit as your doctor can perfectly see how the drugs affect your health. You can create this logbook very quickly and create multiple logs if needed.

Progress record

You are healing with your medicines and creating a record of your medication with this app. You can track your progress with the accurate data of this app. If you are skipping the medications or the doctor is decreasing the power of medicines, you can also measure how fast your progress is. If you face any problems during your treatment, then with the help of this app, you can show all the data that your doctor needs.


Why use Medisafe mod apk?

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You can use this app as it has many benefits for users under treatment for any medical condition. This app is the best medication tracker and pill reminder. It works as an alarm clock, list-making, record maker, and treatment progress tracker. You can set multiple reminders in this app if you usually forget to take medicines.

This app primarily benefits the users who take medicines daily. These reminders work as loud alarms for the users, and they play repeatedly and stop when you dismiss them. You can make different lists of the medicines you need to take daily. Mark them one by one when you eat them; you will never forget to eat any of them. You can create logbooks of your health report and track your treatment progress.

Unique features

  • Very easy-to-use functions.
  • The animated user interface makes this app very creative to use.
  • Tracks your body progress and reminds you to stay fit.
  • Create medicines lists and add labels.


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