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Are you among those students who hate maths and don’t get its concept? Maybe the problem is the way you try to understand and learn its concept. You are not bad at maths, you just need to try a different approach to it. If you want to understand the maths then we have found a perfect app to help get master the subject. Use the maths scanner by photo app to understand the basics of mathematics and be an expert in the subject.

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chat with experts and get answers instantly.

Mathematics is one of the most hated and most loved subjects in the schools. Students who understand its basics perfectly master the subject and those who fear its concepts, avoid it in every way. You just need to change your approach. Use the maths scanner by photo app to understand the step-by-step basics of it. In the maths scanner, you need to take picture of your problem or question and upload it into the system. The experts on the subject will give you the step-by-step solution to the problem. If you are facing any difficulty while understanding any concept in solution. Then you just need to click on it. It will open a new window with the explanation of that concept.

Using the app is very easy. It has a simple interface, which any student can access on their smartphone without any difficulty. Just click the picture of your problem and get answers instantly without any delays. The app has millions of users who regularly upload and give answers to the question. There are experts in the subjects who keeps on helping students around the world. Technology has become very advanced. Now, you don’t need to find tutors for getting any help. The Internet has become a hub of innovation. You can find any solution with the help of it.

If you are struggling in mathematics. Give this application a try, it had helped many students in it. It may be the solution you are searching for.


get step by step solutions.


The interface of the app is very simple. All the features and options are available on the home screen of the app. It has very simple accessibility. Any student with simple smartphone usability can use it to get answers. You can change the theme of the app to make it more suitable for you.

Camera calculator.

The app has its in-built calculator which has different types in it. It has a scientific calculator for scientific calculations for advanced questions. Basic, simple calculator for the simple question. Use it for online calculations of your answers.

Step by step solution

Users get their step-by-step solution instantly without any delay. The answers are solved step by step explaining every simple concept used in the answer. If users face any difficulty in any step then they can move to the concept window with a simple click. They will get only quick and accurate answers to their questions. It is very easy to learn and understand these concepts that you will not require any tutor again for your maths problems.


You can use it anytime, anywhere. You can upload your questions using the internet but can save your answers for future use without any internet connection. It is the most convenient way of getting help in the subject. Just turn off your internet to not get distracted by other social media sites’ notifications and pay attention to understanding.

Pros and cons

just click pictures and get answers.


  • The interface is simple and easy to use. Students of most of the classes can use it without any difficulty.
  • It has experts at different levels of mathematics. From class 6th to college level. Every student can use it for themselves.
  • Students can use it without any internet connection most of the time. Close the connection to not get distracted by notifications.
  • It has in-built calculators of different types for different usages.


  • The app has some subscription fees to get the benefits of its features. If you want to use the app for free then you can download the math scanner by photo mod apk.
  • Some users found their smartphones getting slow when they downloaded the app.

Other information

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  • Visit the following link of the google play store, to read the reviews and more about the app:
  • How to scan pictures and search in maths scanner by photo app:


Is the app free?

You need to take a monthly subscription plan for using the app. For using it for free download the mod apk version of the app.

What are best photo math solver app?

There are many applications just like a maths scanner that you can use to solve your maths problems. Some of them are photomath, mathway, camera math, Microsoft math-solver, and many more.

How to get the app?

Download the app from the google play store or get the maths scanner by photo mod apk by following the steps given in the article.

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