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Video games have been an important part of our lives since childhood. Every child is thankful for the video games available at the time to make their childhood a good place to live in. In just a decade, the video game’s graphics have taken a serious turn and look very real and world-like. Games like BGMI, Call of duty are highly engrossing and require a high-end device to play and enjoy. Back in 2014, the Marvel contest of champions was a highly addictive game with the most sought-after graphics in its segment.

Marvel, the most sought-after comic book and movie series in the whole world. No matter where you go, there isn’t one country where you cannot find a marvel fan. Marvel has conquered the world like a thunderstorm, kids are mad for marvel comics, whenever a Marvel movie is released, its tickets get sold out in a single day. Now imagine the hype around marvel and its perfect strategy to launch its own game.

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About Marvel Contest of Champions Apk

battle different marvel villains get win rewards in marvel content of champions mod apk.

We are talking about the marvel contest of champions, developed by kabam and raw thrills, in 2014, featuring all marvel’s main characters in the game. Based on Marvel’s comic book contest of champions, this fighting genre-based game has 207 characters to choose from.
These characters are given an initial rank of 1, leveling up as you earn battle points and win fights. The player is given the role of a summoner, who upon calling for the protection of its city, has to fight the demon or the so-called villain. The gameplay can be seen resembling mortal kombat and Tekken, with players showing off their finisher moves and animations.

The players rank from 1 going all the way to 6 based on the wins and unlock many new power moves along the way. The attacks get stronger as you level up, players can perform super moves more frequently, players can defend themselves without taking lethal damage hit.

The game allows movement in two directions, hence the motion of the player is two-dimensional, but the game graphics can be seen in 3d. Each player has their set allotted energy from which he can start a match. Upon utilizing their energy in battles, players have to wait for the energy to restore, or purchase energy through crystals. The number of hits and damage is counted and a supercharged attack is provided to your player accordingly.

Gameplay and movement

you can collect as many marvel characters as you can in this game.

We can expect rich high definition graphics from the game. Marvel Contest of Champions is available in both single-player (story mode) and multiplayer, (battle people online). However, this game requires a stable internet connection and cannot be played otherwise. The storyline mode offers the player to engross in a battle with marvel supervillains and after defeating all the villain’s players have to defeat a boss to level up and gain XP.

By leveling up, players unlock new abilities and new characters as they proceed further in the story. Players have a freehand combining moves to create a superpower move to decrease a significant amount of health of the opponent. Generally, the difficulty level increases as you progress in the game. The gameplay also offers immersive battle maps for the players to fight among each other. These maps have been inspired by the iconic marvel movies. If you constantly fail to hit the opponent and hit their shield without damaging their body, your player starts to get fatigued and loses life slowly. Therefore you must hit blows to your opponent continuously to win a match and defeat the opponent.

Upon winning the battle, the player is shown a glamorous 3d graphic animation in which the chosen player performs its special move. Overall the game graphics are to be seen as pretty well developed during 2014.

Heroes and villains

you can rcruit your own team of marvel heroes in this game.

You may have seen every movie ending with a hero defeating the villain and saving the world from its terror. Well not so easy in this game, this artificial intelligence-based game can predict your moves and counter-attack reacting to the same. In Marvel Contest of Champions, players can combine their energies to make a supernova attack to finish the enemy at once by K.O. Players are generally categorized based on their performance and the base of origin. Legends like captain marvel, thor, Loki are considered alien gods. Generally, they are considered to be the most powerful of them all.

Then come players like iron man, spider-man, x men, hulk which have been part of a tragic incident that turned them into human mutated robots or people with special abilities.

Then come players who are trained ninjas and take out people based on their skill. Some popular heroes are black widow, wonder woman, black panther, and many more.

This game also features some of the most famous supervillains from marvel history, like

  • Sentinel,
  • Mephisto,
  • venom the duck,
  • Killmonger,
  • Mojo
  • Venom
  • Void
  • Omega red
  • Ghost
  • Doctor doom

make allaiance to battle through tough levels in marvel contest of champions mod apk.

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