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Who would not have played the most popular game, Mario? It was one of the most popular games for 90s kids, and it has some nostalgic memories associated with it. If you, like everyone else, adored Mario, we have created a new game with Mario as its protagonist. It would be best if you went on a racing journey with Mario in this game. Play the Mario Kart Tour apk game and experience a new type of Mario.

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Play with your friends.

Everyone played Mario in their childhood. We have brought you a new type of Mario game to jog your memories again. In this game, instead of running above bricks and enemies, you have to race among the racing karts. In the game, there are different types of racing tracks that are spread across the world. You can race on these tracks and win against your rivals. By winning these races, you can earn new rewards, which can help you buy new items from the stores.

The Mario Kart Tour apk is very popular among gamers as it has more than 50 million downloads across all platforms. You can remember your childhood characters from the Super Mario games with these games. You can select among all the characters from the Super Mario Bros. game and use them as your drivers. In the game, there are many modes. You can play solo and compete in career mode or play against the top players in the world and play live with them. In multiplayer mode, you will earn rubies and reward points to help you move up the leaderboard.

The game is like any other racing game but with far better graphics and animations. It also gives you memories of your childhood when you see your gaming characters. You can customize your characters and the carts that require rubies.



Play in portrait or landscape mode.

The gameplay of the game is just like any other racing game. In the game, you will get a cart that you can customize and update from time to time. While racing, you will get several boosters and reward points. Collect them and increase your points. Super Mario characters are available for you to choose as your driver in the game. Use them and live the nostalgia.

International participants

The Mario Cart game, the players are from all over the world. The game is very popular in every country in which it is available. You can compete against the best players in the world in real-time. You should have a good internet connection to play the multiplayer. You can also add your friends to your list and play with them. You can play with them as a team or play against them.

World tour

Super mario characters in the game.

In the game, you get the chance to go on a world tour. All the courses in the game are spread across the world. You will go through them individually and choose anyone to play with. The Mario Kart characters also change according to the locales of the courses.

Race to the top

There is a leaderboard in the game. The leaders are decided by the number of reward points one earns by winning the games. The more races you win, the more you get reward points and the higher you will move up the leaderboard.

Pros and cons.


  • The gameplay is simple and interesting. The graphics look premium and give a nostalgic feel.
  • You get to play with the best players all over the world.
  • Play the game with your friends. Against or with them.
  • The game is fun and allows you to play on different race courses worldwide.


  • The gameplay doesn’t have much to offer apart from the same racing experience.
  • Many times you will respond late due to a bad internet connection.
  • Getting a new character or kart in the game is very hard.

Other information

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How does the Mario Kart Tour work?

The Mario Kart Tour is simple and just like any other racing game. You will race with different players on different courses spread across the world.

Is Mario Kart Tour free?

The Mario Kart Tour apk is free, and you can download it from the Google Play Store or this website.

Is Mario Kart Tour the same as Mario Kart?

With it now officially part of the Mario Kart series and readily accessible compared to its predecessors, Mario Kart Tour is an advanced version of the Mario Kart game.

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