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tap on tiles with fingers

Want to learn piano? If yes then we can suggest to you the awesome piano playing game called “Magic Tiles 3” mod apk. Read this article to know all the features of this game. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.



tons of new features, multiple genres of music

Magic Tiles 3 is an excellent music-playing game where you can play piano on your phone. If you are a music lover and more precisely a piano lover then this is the best game for you. If you love to play the piano then this game is the best opportunity for you to have fun. This game is all about music, fast reflexes, and lots of fun. The more you play the more you will get addicted to this app.

Gameplay is very fast, you will need quick reaction time to cross the challenging levels. The rules of this game are pretty simple. You will get to tap on the different black keys, as they will glow. And if you press the white keys or skip any black key then the gameplay will be immediately over. Levels will become more fast, difficult and will test your reaction time. This game will help you to relax and will relieve your work stress.

  • As the game progresses you can listen to the beautiful soundtracks and vocals.
  • You can become a pianist with this game.
  • So play as fast as you can, record the gameplay and show your fast gaming skills with superb reflexes to your friends.
  • Download magic tiles 3 and enjoy mod features.
  • You will get the latest updates and background music features.


Main features

paws as tiles customizable

Easy gameplay

This game is very easy to play but hard to master. You will be surprised when you will see the speed of the game when you play. You just have to tap on the black keys of the piano and avoid pressing the white keys.

The game will get faster and the beast will play faster when you play continuously. If you skip any black key or if you tap on the white key by mistake then the game will be over for you. Make a high score and shock your friends to show how fast you can play.


You can listen to the fast songs and beats while playing the game. This feeling will give you goosebumps when you listen to the action beats while playing the fast levels.

There are many different types of songs like pop. rock, hip hop songs, and many more. Just listen to these songs and concentrate on your gameplay. Make the high scores as much as you can so nobody can compete with you. Unlock all the different types of songs for free.


As the gameplay is so challenging there are some rewards you will get if you win. There are different types of challenging levels in this game that you can play. And if you win you will be rewarded with extraordinary offers and bonus points.

You can get other games to play, premium items to use in the game as rewards. And to win these rewards you have to play hard.


With this game, you cannot only play and enjoy but you can also learn how to play the piano. The keys which you will have to press are as realistic as the real piano keys. So if you play this game for a long time then you can easily learn how to play the real piano.

Try to play the game with the beats and press the keys that this game glows. This way you will get the best idea about playing the piano according to the beats.


Unique features

select songs from albums and charts to play.

  • Graphics – this game has stunning graphic levels that can compete with console-level graphics.
  • Levels – labels in Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk are very challenging, with continuous tough gameplay.
  • Songs – there are 1000+ songs to play in this game and enjoy the lovely gameplay.
  • Matches – just battle with the other skilled players in the game and win the battles to win rewards.
  • Unlock – you will be rewarded with different genres of songs with also VIP access.


Why Magic tiles mod apk?

piano in your pocket.

If you want a perfect enjoyable casual game then this game app is the best choice. The music lovers will like this game very much and there are many more reasons to play this game. The gameplay is simple but very addictive with hard to master gameplay.

You will need lots of training and experience to master the gameplay. Tapping on the black tiles of the piano in this game is the only rule. But it is not that simple. The gameplay gets faster and beats will scare you as they play fast. Challenging levels will test your reflexes and quick reaction to press the right key when instructed.

Listen to amazing HD quality songs while playing the game. There are different types of songs that you can listen to while playing like pop, rock, hip hop, and many more.


  • Easy to play and enjoyable gameplay
  • Get exciting new songs to listen to
  • Fast gameplay never bores you
  • HD graphics that give console gaming experience.


  • Game lags when while playing
  • Sometimes the app crashes without reason
  • Overpriced items and features

Mod features

  • Ads-free gaming
  • VIP access to the features
  • Unlimited coins
  • Paid items are free


Other resources

get perfect scores by playing

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  2. Facebook official page.
  3. See review and ratings of this game on integral (Case Study).
  4. Check this game on the Amazon app store.



play hottest songs and choose your favorite albums

What is the fastest song?

Star clock is the fastest song in magic tiles 3.

What is the hardest song in magic Tile 3?

Christmas Rhapsody is spelled like Christmas is the hardest song.

What is the World record?

Magic Tiles 3 – Despacito – BEST PLAYER WORLD RECORD 6900+

How to change your name in Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk?

Read this article to know how to change your name in Magic tiles 3.

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Does it need the internet to play?

Yes, Magic Tile 3 needs the internet to play.

Is the game magic tiles 3 free to play?

Yes, magic tiles 3 is free to play and if you will download this game from our site popular apk then you will get the paid version for free.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. Please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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