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Football is one of the most popular sports globally, whether it is in real life or video games. You may have played many football mobile games available in the google play store, but mad fut 22 provides you with a different type of playing experience. Read the following article about Mad Fut (Mad football) to know more about the app and download the app by clicking the download button.

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About MAd Fut 22 Game

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Mad fut 22 is one of the highest-rated football game applications that you will find in the google play store. It’s an app made for fans by the fans. You will enjoy the game if you love opening packs and trying your luck. In MADFUT 22, you can build your ultimate football team with all the players in all the leagues. Build your fantasy team yourself, play different gameplay modes, and try your luck.

Perform in different tournaments and modes with your ultimate team. Try your luck in opening other packages. You will get awards by winning matches, and you can use those reward points to trade your favorite players. It contains endless packs, so there is no option for getting bored. This game is the ultimate heaven for FIFA game lovers, and it has everything you want in a football game.

Regular and annual updates of the game make it better. Every update brings something exciting and new to the game. The quality and interface of the game are world-class. You will get the chance of getting football legends daily in the game if you like pulling cards and chance your luck. This game is for you. Open endless packs every season and build your ultimate team. Squad-building challenges give you the challenge you need, build your team and win rewards by winning different modes.


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  1. Squad building challenges: The new squad building challenge adds new stars to the game. You can trade win rewards and unique cards by winning them, and these rewards get other packs and players of your liking.
  2. Modes: Contains different modes which increase the excitement and never bore you. Modes like premier league, FUT heroes, and others are must-play for users.
  3. Daily packs: One thing that keeps Mad Fut 22 at the edge of excitement is the daily availability of the packs. You get the chance to open packs daily and try your luck. If you like taking chances and suspending, this game is built for you.
  4. Interface: The interface of the game is state of the art. The UI is fast and reliable and doesn’t lag or slow down while using it. The features and options are adequately displayed and easy to use with its first-time tutorial explanation.
  5. Build squad and draft: You get the chance to build a squad and draft with the most popular and your favorite players. Make your ultimate team play in tournaments and have the opportunity to receive handsome rewards and pack points which you can use to improve your team rating and participate in division leagues and win it.

The good and the Bad

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  • Graphics and interface are world-class in display and working also. It is fast and reliable and doesn’t lag much.
  • All the features like FATAL have new modes.
  • Regular updates every year brings new modes and features to the table.
  • Only required the internet to play Mad Fut 22, and it is free in most of the recognized app stores.
  • Having high ratings in most app stores gives testimony to its quality.
  • Fresh new content daily, perfect for people who like suspense and want to take their chances.


  • Trading can be seen as an issue due to the different wish lists of the users.
  • It doesn’t have the option of tracking your game, win or lose, in the app.
  • A small bug that one pack opens multiple times, wasting the packs earned by the users.
  • You can’t play your fantasy team in squad builder mode.
  • Doesn’t have the online draft and knockout stages in the game.

Other information

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Important links

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  • Learn more about the MAD FUT 22 and download it from the following link of the google play store.
  • Visit the official website of the MAD FUT and download the application according to your device platform.

FAQs About Mad Fut

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Who are the developers?

The developer of the game is mad fut only. They only have this app in the play store and still, they are quite popular on gaming platforms for their game on different platforms.

Are there any alternative games?

There are many football games which you can play and enjoy like FIFA mobile, PES mobile, dream league soccer, and more. All these games are available in the play store and can be downloaded for free.

How to download the madfut 22?

Mad fut 22 can be downloaded by visiting the above links and you can also download it from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page.

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