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Remember the Ludo game which we played as a board game in old times. And now in the time of smartphones we can play Ludo king mod apk on our mobiles. This article can help you to download this game and play.


About the Ludo King game app

Ludo as seen on tablet installed.

Ludo king is based on the most famous dice board game, which anyone can play with their friends and family members. This game is designed for at least two members and maximum four members can play at a time. And the ludo king game is the digital and online version of this amazing game. Ludo king is the most amazing board game app ever built for android devices. The gameplay is so much fun and full of excitement that no other casual game can take its place.

This game will be very much for the players who like to play strategy based games and puzzle type games. This game is designed for every famous OS like android, ios, windows. In this game each player will get its chance to roll the dice and any number that comes the players will have to move their one of the four soldiers forward that number of times. And this way all the four soldiers of the players have to complete their journeys to the center. Whose four soldiers complete their journey first then they win the game.


What is the Ludo mod apk ?

coins, six and themes change.

The mod apk is the more advanced version of normal game apps in which all the premium features are unlocked.  And the ludo king hack file will contain every amazing feature unlocked.


Main features of ludo king mod apk

ludo classic board with four colors and 4 players.

Unlimited money and gems

This mod apk will have unlimited money and gems which you can use to play big  matches. The big matches have the big winning amounts to invest big and earn big. And you don’t even have to win the matches to earn more coins, in fact you will just have an unlimited amount of money.

Sixes all the time

In game six is the maximum number which a player can get after rolling the dice. And with the mod apk of this game the players can get six unlimited times almost every time. With these sixes the players can restore the soldier which they have lost in the battle.

Ad free

With the mod apk you can enjoy the fun matches of this game without any annoying ads. The ads spoil the gameplay when we play the matches with our friends or with our family members. And with this hacked apk the players can enjoy the game without any ads.

Offline mode

With the mod apk the players can unlock all the premium features of the ludo king. So the offline game mode is also unlocked with this version of the game and the players can enjoy the game without any internet connection.



comparison of digital boards and paper board of ludo game.

How to download the ludo king mod apk ?

You can download the ludo king mod apk from the site just open the site, search for the game and click on the download button.


How to install the ludo king mod apk ?

  • Download the latest version of the Application by tapping on the download button. This will take you to the download page.
  • Now go to file manager -> apks -> click on file which has ludo
  • Now after clicking on the file, if it shows that installation of unknown apps are blocked, then tap on settings -> click on allow apps from unknown sources
  • Hit the back button, go to file manager again and tap on the apk
  • Tap on install and voila! You are good to go. You have successfully installed the Application



ludo king hack.

How to play Ludo king with friends ?

Just connect yourself to social media platforms like Facebook, Gmail and twitter. Click on the multiplayer mode, follow the options in the menu and invite your friends to play.


How to always win in game ?

To always win in the game of Ludo you just have to open all of your four pieces (soldiers) as fast as you can. And focus on getting the 6 every time you can. Don’t focus on getting the small numbers with dice.


How to get 6 in Ludo king ?

Make your timing better with the dice. Notice the timing of the dice to roll and once you get the taste of it then click on the dice as soon as the six is near to roll. With this strategy of timing you can almost get six every time.


What is the meaning of this game ?

The meaning of the Ludo king is the king of the game.


What is the best color ?

The main colors of the ludo king which almost everyone likes are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. “Red” Is most sought after color for everyone. It is said that red wins, green loses and blue and yellow keep you standing in limbo!


Where is the saved game ?

 After downloading the game just login in the game and it will show you two options. You can select a new game if you want to play the new game or you can choose to select the saved game to resume the level which you left.


Is this apk safe to install ?

Yes it safe to install and play form our site


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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