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Are you in search of relaxing high-quality Lo-Fi music without getting irritating interruptions by annoying ads?

Most of us find studies/ work the most tedious and tiring part of the day. But, now this fantastic app called “Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop Radio – Relax and Study Beats” will turn your tiring day into a relaxing one. By listening to the best satisfying music in ultra lofi mode without getting disturbed by ads.

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ABOUT Lo-Fi 24/7 Apk

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Nowadays, lo-fi music is trending everywhere, whether on Youtube or Instagram. People love the vibe created by lo-fi music.

This application claims to fulfill all desires of a listener searching for ads-free heart-soothing music lists.

This app comes with the finely picked best songs which feel like a warm hug to your soul. It helps in building up a very concentrated environment during work/study. It will ensure your good results for sure.

Additionally, It is a music app cum radio which will play the latest trendy lo-fi songs 24/7. With the live chat box feature, you can talk in real-time to people from different corners of the world.


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CHATBOX: As they say, making friends is the hardest thing, but with “Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop – Relax and Study Beats”, it’s no longer the most challenging task. On this app, the songs play 24×7 without any breakage by ads. The chatbox is also available every time of the day, which will not make you feel bored even when you listen to the songs just for relaxation. You can make great friends with your same taste in music via chatbox.

CAN WORK IN BG TOO: This app has the feature of working even in the background. So you can listen to your favorite songs while doing other work on the phone too.

Advanced VERSION: It has its advanced version too available for the interested to pay an amount and get membership of the app.

CONCENTRATION BUILD-UP: Visualise you got stuck in a situation where there is too much noise; you have to finish vital work, which needs a very calm and concentrated mind. Rather than getting disturbed by the sound, use this app,” Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop Radio- Relax and Study Beats”, and work.

NO ADS: Unlike most music apps, this app has one of the best and is the most loved feature of this app by its users. It doesn’t spoil your mood by bothering with ads.


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HELPS IN CONCENTRATION: This application creates a calm and peaceful mood for you, making you more concentrated on your work.

CHATBOX/LIVE CHAT: This is the key objective of this app as no similar app gives the option to live chat with people around the globe.

NO ADS: It just sounds as relaxing as it feels like because this is the reason that people use it for once and keep using it.

 VERSION: It comes with its pro version too, where you will get more privileges than normal users.

EVEN PLAYS WHILE USING OTHER APPS: This app can also work while using other apps.

HIGH-QUALITY SONGS: The songs here you will listen to are in ultra lo-fi mode with the proper base and tuning that leave an impact on your heart forever.

SAVE AND SHARE OPTION IS AVAILABLE: Here, You can save and later share them with your loved ones.


KEEPS FREEZING: Sometimes, it gets freezing again and again, which makes it so problematic.

LIKED SONGS DOES NOT SAVE: You can enjoy your favorites here but can’t revisit them as there is not an option available for the same.

UNNECESSARY CHAT: Sometimes, these popping chats can disturb you while listening to songs.

REPEATING SONGS: As it is a radio app, the themes get repeated after a while.

CAN’T PLAY YOUR SONGS: It has its preset playlist, which you can’t change according to your preferences.

CYBERBULLIED: People even end up getting cyberbullying/online harassed on live chats for commenting on their views.

CAN’T SKIP: This is a live radio song app, so you can’t skip to other songs yourself.

PRO VERSION NO DIFFERENCE: There is not much variation in the version, so people don’t usually get it.
HIGH DATA USAGE: It uses more data to play songs.

FAQs About Lo-Fi 24/7 Apk

use the chat box to chat with other listeners of radio. see whats next in the playlist.

Is it a radio or an app?

It is a radio cum app that has both radio and app features altogether.

Will it help me in focusing on my work/study?

Yes, It helps increase your focus on the task. While listening to lo-fi songs, our body releases a chemical called dopamine which enhances our motivation, attention, and focus.

Can I skip songs while playing them?

No, You can’t skip the songs here.

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