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There are tons of action games out there. But we bring you a fantastic game you have not played before. Lineage 2m is an action-packed mobile MMORPG game developed in South Korea. You will get a touch of anime-like graphics and animations in the game. The game is large and requires vast storage space to install and run.

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chat and make real friends.

Lineage 2m is one of the best action games out there. The graphics it provides and the awesome animations it gives while battling with others make it worth playing. In the lineage 2m apk, your journey will take place in a magical world where there are magical characters. You can choose any one of these characters to be your avatar. Along your journey, you will come across your enemies and friends. You can talk and make real friends with them. You can play together or solo in the game.

The game is large and heavy, so you should have a gaming-intensive smartphone with a large amount of idle battery. But once installed and working, you will not have any problems after it. The graphics of the game is perfect. You will not experience pictures like these in any other mobile games. The animations and fight sequences are also fantastic. You can control your hero with the on-screen control panel. You can customise these according to your needs and requirements.

The game allows you to go on a magical journey where you will fight against monsters and magical characters. You will get reward points by winning the battles. You can use these rewards to buy your character new weapons, skins and battle powers. In the game, you can talk and chat with other players. Millions worldwide play the game, and this gives a chance to make new friends.



get new skins and armours from the store.

The gameplay of the game is incredible. The graphics are perfect, and you will not get to see these levels of graphics in other mobile games. The graphics and animations are intensive, which makes the game heavy. You will require a high-end gaming phone to play the game without lags. Apart from the characters’ expressions, you can also see the surrounding very clearly in a battle with th 3D graphics of the game.

Hot matches

You can participate in a fierce battle with many different races and more than 31 classes. You will also not lose any match levels if you lose any matches. You will get to choose from other characters and heroes. Each character has their skills and weaknesses. You have to select any character wisely by keeping in mind your opponent.

Join the adventure

realistic 3d animation.

The map of the magical world where you will play is vast and beautiful. The surrounding looks fantastic in 3D graphics. You can use your character’s powers to teleport or fly over the continents. While exploring the magical world, you will get to fight against the powerful bosses of this world. While in this world, you will get to meet with other players. You can befriend them and use their help to win the games.

Pros and cons


  • The lineage 2m has one of the best graphics and animations for any mobile video game.
  • The game will take you to a magical world where you see many different characters and supernatural beings.
  • The game helps you to make real friends through it.


  • The game is enormous. You will require a high-end mobile phone with plenty of idle storage space to make it work perfectly.
  • Some quests and objectives it gives to the players are utterly dull.
  • The game is made to force you to spend money if you want to be successful in the game. It is the biggest con of this game.


Other information

Important links

Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and learn more about the lineage 2m game.

You can also download the lineage 2m apk from the link given above.


What are other alternative games to lineage 2m?

Some games you can play instead of lineage 2m are the echo of soul, dragalia lost, oriental blue and others.

How to get the game apk?

You can download the game from the google play store or the lineage 2m apk from this site, the steps of which are given above in the article.

If you are an iPhone user, you can also get the lineage 2m iOS from the apple app store.

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